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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The auctioneer comes to Dev’s palace and says you can’t take anything from here. Krisha says give us time to pack things, the auctioneer says that’s not how it works. Dev says let them work.

Rati is trying to collect her baby items but the staff takes them away. The staff pack up their whole house. Naina shouts at Krisha that this is all happening because of you, you are selfish. Dev says it’s all my fault. Ugra says I married a commoner so you should have learned from me but you have destroyed everyone here. Kach asks Krisha to get lost from here, this is all happening because of you. Krisha cries and tries to leave but Dev stops her. He says enough, nobody will say anything to my wife. I promise you that I will get everything back, you all are my responsibility so trust me.

Ugra tells Naina that this is all happening because of that middle-class Krisha.

Krisha comes outside the house and the media surrounds her. They all question her. Krisha cries and says this family is on the road because of me. The media taunts her. Dev comes there so Krisha tells him that I can’t let you lose everything because of my love. Dev says I can never compromise your love for anything, we have to be strong together to fight for our family. Dev tells the media that this is happening because I can’t marry anyone else, it’s not Krisha’s fault.

The family starts leaving the palace. The auctioneer asks Krisha to take off her ring also. Krisha says Dev gifted it to me so can I buy it? Dev says it’s okay and gives the ring to the staff. Krisha says you are with me so I don’t need anyone else.

The auctioneer starts the auction for the palace. All family members are hurt seeing that. One buyer buys it for a high price. Dev glares at him. The buyer meets Dev. Dev says you were calling someone so who is behind all this? The buyer says you will find out soon. The autioneer asks Dev to leave with his family. Krisha goes to the mandir and prays to him. Dev comes there and takes the idol of lord from there with her.

The family is out of the palace. Jaya says don’t worry, the God is with us so don’t worry. The staff comes there and says you can’t take the idol. Krisha says this can’t be bough from money. Don’t touch it. Vamika arrives there and smirks. All look on. Vamika says you people don’t need to go anywhere, I have bought this palace. All are shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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