I wish you were here – Ep 20 – SIRAT – Telly Updates


Kartik: Naira kya hua meri Laila? …kuch sahi nahi hai. Tell me, batao na

Naira tells what happened and Luv Kush come

Kartik: Next time when you see him talk to him and get to know how we can help him, we will do anything to help..

Naira: I thought you will… I thought you will be angry..

Kartik: Naira with what you described him the guy is in a deep problem and needs a actual help, we are saving someone, we will get their blessings. Then why not? Par ab chalo don’t stress much. Aaj Diwali hai na.. Aur tum Luv Kush, chalo.

They leave

The guy had hidden behind a wall and listened to their conversation. He breathes out of tiredness

The guy in mind: Bhagwan ka lakh shukar hai, they are so kind hearted . We can execute the plan with them and Save her. Lets meet them tomorrow and tell our issues

He leaves from there. The scene freezes.

Next morning.

Kartik and Naira are in the park sitting, enjoying each other’s company.

Kartik: Kitna time ho gaya na, since we came here

Naira: Haan Kartik.

Kartik: Missed it or missed me? Oh sorry, you had forgotten me na

Naira: Don’t talk like that, and talk straight , you missed me

Kartik: Haan I missed you in every breath of mine and in every heartbeat, I could not live without you

Kartik stops in awe. He pulls her closer

Kartik: Ab kya jaan lekar hi manogi?

Naira: Dont mention death anymore, nor will you leave me or will I leave you.

Kartik: Acha sorry nah Naira

They suddenly stop as they feel a presence behind them and turn to see the Rohan behind. Naira is shocked

Naira: You…? What are you doing here?

Kartik understands that its him with Naira’s reaction and:

Kartik: Brother tell us what help you need from us. Why are you following my wife?

The guy: Pehle to, Im Rohan. I need your huge help and please dont say no. It’s about saving a life.

Naira: How can we?

Rohan: Wait a minute you will get your answer.

He takes his mobile , opens the gallery and shows a picture to them. Naira and Kartik can’t believe their eyes. Kartik holds Naira as she slips in shock

Naira: Yeh toh….she…looks like me

Kartik: Who is she ?


The conversation is muted . Rohan cries and Kartik consoles him

Rohan: Sir..mam..please help us. Please

Kartik: Definitely we will, –

Naira: Kartik par family we need their help, and we cannot tell Chachi or she will tell Rhea

Kartik: Haan Naira . They will definitely agree. Sirat needs to be kept safe

Naira: Rohan come home with us.

The scene shifts to Goenka VILLA. Everyone including Naksh and Keerthi are there. Even the kids are there, they all console Rohan

Kartik explains the conversation (details will be revealed after)

Dadi: Bechari bachi, she went through a lot, her mother- who behaves like that. We will definitely help in this beta

Naksh: Of course.

Rohan: But ji..that guy is very dangerous.

Naira: Toh mein bhi kuch kam nahi hoon …sherni hoon mein sherni

Kartik: Rohan is there someone else too with us in this?

Rohan: Haan ji Sirat’s coach. He only saw madam in the hill temple and sent me in search of her

Naira: Oh said you are Sirat’s friend then dont call me madam, aur chinta mat karo, Sirat ko kuch nahi hoga

Kartik: Haan call us Kartik and Naira

Naira: Kairav ke exams

Kairav: Dont worry muma..Ill not trouble papa and help you fulfill this mission

Kartik: We must make a story like

Naira: Me falling into coma due to an accident, and Sirat who will be kept here, Rhea will think Sirat is me, and Im in coma

Kartik’s eyes get wet. Naira holds him closer

Naira: Just a lie Kartik

Kartik: I know that but I still…..

Naira hugs him

Naira: You know,,how its like.. you experienced this when your hand slipped off mine. I just wished why not me in your place

Kartik: Chup raho okay. If you leave me Ill …

Dadi: Ab bas karo dono dont talk rubbish and do something useful, aur Naira, Akshu ki chinta maat karna.

Kaira get away

Kartik: None other than the people in this room now should know about this plan.

Surekha: Rhea is coming here next week

Naira: Then she must meet Sirat in the coma condition

Naksh: So we pretend like Naira is in coma here while in real she will be in Jaisalmer

Kartik: Yes

All get ready for the plan. The scene freezes

Few weeks later

Kaira room

The room which witnessed love and joy of Kaira even faced their tears and loneliness. Now this place has given shelter to a girl exactly like Naira with oxygen mask and monitors. Kartik enters the room and pulls the curtains to stop the sunlight from irritating Sirat. He checks the temperature while there is a knock on the door. He turns to see a girl

The girl: Hi Kartik Im Rhea ..and Im sorry for what happened, I’m like your friend..
Rhea in mind: Im only your friend for now, soon I will be your wife, and this Naira, will be dead.

Kartik: Its ok Rhea

Akshu cries in her cradle. Rhea picks her up

Kartik: She doesn’t adjust to strangers.


Kartik: Kya hua…kya hua, meri bachi

Akshu stops her cries

Kartik: Rhea tum bahar jao please, I need to change

Rhea: Okay fine

She walks out with a jealous smile. Kartik locks the door and his mobile rings. He takes the phone after placing Akshu in her cradle

Kartik accepts the video call. He sees his Naira completely looking like Sirat with her hair cut, nose ring and her style of dressing changed

Naira: Keh kare ho Kartik ji?

Kartik: Naira..whats this?

Naira: Oops sorry sorry ..Sirat’s style of talking.. taking lessons from Rohan he is teaching me

Kartik: Is everything fine till now? Kuch hafte ho gaye, since Sirat aka you recovered, did Mukesh or Sheila or what is their son’s name? Did they do anything

Naira: You ask this everyday, and their son’s name is.. Woh Sonu, Sirat ka step bhai

Kartik: Im concerned for you, that is why I asked

Naira: I know.. its fine..they haven’t come out of their shock yet. Till then I am trying to improve the health of her Maudi and hunt for the murderers

Kartik: Good job and stay safe

Naira: Yeh sab chodo..bache kaise hai..especially Akshu? Woh zyada ro nahi rahi haina?

Kartik: My princess in very happy

Naira: I hope tum koi gadbad nahi kar rahe ho, aur agar kuch ho to Luv Kush ya maa, chachi, Gayu di or dadi ko dena..

Kartik: Kuch toh barosa rakho na Naira, I am her father

Naira: Just kidding. Acha they will doubt..Im going now..bye , talk tomorrow

Kartik: Ruko..Naira..we really miss you, when will you be back..

Naira: I miss you all and I love you. Bye

Kartik: Love you too.. Kal baat karege.

The call disconnects. Kartik walks to Sirat

Kartik: I don’t know with what sand or soil or what you were made of, you have been opposing not only boxing opponents, but real life devils as well.. We will find Ranveer, Sirat

In next scene Naira walks out with boxing outfit. She sees an odd looking man , his wife and a child with a cuff staring at her with with anger. The episode freezes


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