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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In this episode everyone agreed with Hitesh. Rama defended Bhim Rao as he didn’t propose to get a mala. She said that it was everyone’s victory. Bhim Rao agreed with her. Phuilya stood by her decision. Hitesh wouldn’t have let his wife do so. Phuliya was grateful to Bhim Rao. She was about to dress him the Mala. Joku stopped her, wore the mala himself. Hitesh applaud Joku’s action. Bhim Rao left.

Varchand scolded Joshi and his friends for being a disappointment. They wanted to avenge him by killing him. Varchand denied. He asked them to separate Bhim Rao from his studies. Questioned how they would do so. Joshi guaranteed, said that this was a match, and the one Bhim Rao would surely lose. Varchand asked him to create circumstances that would stop Bhim Rao from attaining education. The Maharaj can give scholarship but can not make another college for Bhim Rao. Joshi was free to do anything as he wouldn’t go to the Barrister’s office from today. Joshi left for his mission.

Barrister inquired why Bhim Rao was upset. Bhim Rao denied being tensed. Barrister reminded Bhim Rao about his interrogatory skills. Bhim Rao told him about the incident that took place in his chawl. Bhim Rao was anxious about something he didn’t know. Barrister answered that Bhim Rao wanted to be appreciated. Bhim Rao questioned as he didn’t ask Phuliya to give him a mala. Barrister corrected him, said that if he didn’t want it, he would have left without asking. Bhim Rao understood. He advised Bhim Rao not to waste his time on silly things, if he wants to achieve bigger and better, he must think ahead. Ramji, Rama, and Lakshmi applauded. They asked permission to enter the officer. Ramji praised Barrister’s advice, asked Bhim Rao to remember it forever. Rama brought him a Mala. Bhim Rao stopped him. Barrister intervened, said that he must appreciate someone’s effort. Rama, Lakshmi gave Bhim Rao the Mala. Bhim Rao gave one mala to Barrister, said that he would always remember what he learnt today.

Joku and his friends wanted to create hurdle in Bhim Rao’s studies. Wondered how? Joshi saw a British officer asking street vendors to empty the road. Joshi found a method.

He sent his friends to beat the officer. They had their face hidden. While leaving took the college’s name. The officer heard it.

Joshi said that now he would close the college.

Joshi and his friends stopped Bhim Rao in the college. Bhim Rao asked them to leave him alone. Joshi taunted him for studying being a lower caste. Bhim Rao requested him not to waste his time. Joshi questioned Bhim Rao what he felt like taking money in charity to complete his education. His friends said that Bhim Rao must feel like a labourer. Bhim Rao said that being a labour wasn’t derogatory. The officer came with police. He came to seal the college. Bhim Rao questioned him. The officer said that the college was useless if it couldn’t teach its student’s discipline. the officer locked the door said that it wouldn’t open until he finds the students who attacked him.

Bhim Rao told his family about it. Everyone was worried. Jijabai reminded that the upper caste would avenge Bhim Rao for defeating them in cricket. Joshi came, said that Bhim Rao would waste Maharaj’s scholarship. He proposed that Bhim Rao should play cricket with him everyday all day to prove who was better. Rama refused play with weaker opponents. Joshi asked her to behave. Closing of the college was bigger victory.

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