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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo telling Bimlesh that she feels that this house will sell. She says Amma went to sell her jewellery, but Pita ji’s given jewellery was fake.Bimlesh says if he had told her before, then would have died before that. She says don’t know if jiju’s face or destiny is bad. She then says that her house is here. Rajjo says I can’t get your house sold. Bimlesh says I am asking you to stay here. Bimlesh tells that Papa can help us. Rajjo says she will call him. Manohar asks Happu if he has any problem. Happu says he can’t tell. Manohar asks him to say. Happu asks for a lakh. Manohar says you joke well, if I had that much money, then why would I bear you. Resham Pal comes there with a trolley. He asks Happu to keep his underwear safely and don’t let it move. Happu assures him. A thief in the PS understands that they are referring money as underwear. Manohar asks Resham Pal to give this responsibility to him. Resham pal says Happu shall do this work now. Happu asks Manohar to handle PS until he returns to PS. He takes the trolley. The thief tells Manohar that he is missing his Amma and asks him to give him mobile. Manohar gives his mobile and asks him to talk fast. The thief says soon you will become commissioner. He calls the goon and asks him to loot Happu Singh. Happu is in the PS still and thinks he got help from Resham Pal. He calls Beni. Beni says I know you are in tension. Happu says money is arranged. Beni says you can’t win lottery as you are inauspicious. He asks if you are planning to steal the bank. Happu says ATM came by walk to me. He says Commissioner Saheb helped me, but he didn’t know. Beni asks what is the matter? Happu tells that Resham Pal had lots of bribe and he gave the money to him for safe keeping. Beni says you have to return it to him. Happu says if someone steals it. He asks him to wear the mask and come to steal the money. He says I will tell Resham Pal that money is stolen. Beni says I was not married before, but now I am married. Happu asks him to hit him and leave with the money. Beni asks him to think about the seriousness of the matter. Happu asks him to come. Beni says I will come. Happu says I like you.

Jayanti asks Rajjo if everything is fine. Rajjo says yes. She asks about Kamini. Jayanti says I stopped thinking about it. Bimlesh asks him to catch Kamini. He asks what do you mean? Rajjo says we thought that you are free to live life in your style, who are we to stop you. Jayanti says why will I don’t agree your sayings, and says I put break to that relation. Bimlesh asks him to think about Kamini. Jayanti asks what will happen about your Mummy. Rajjo says Mummy’s happiness lies in your happiness. Bimlesh asks him to marry her for their betterment. Jayanti gets emotional and cries. Rajjo says you are my only father. Bimlesh asks him to ask Kamini to give 65 lakhs before marriage. He asks 65 lakhs. Rajjo says you will get many alliance if you get your photo published. Jayanti says 65 lakhs is much. Bimlesh says we are giving her father worth crores. Jayanti says I will try. Rajjo asks him to go to Kamini, take money from one hand and fix the alliance with other hand.

Happu goes out and stands near the CCTV camera on the road. The thief’s partner comes there and asks him to give the bag. Happu says you are looking good. The thief beats him and runs with the trolley. Happu acts and thinks that Beni has stolen it.

Malaika tells that they will take the ATM Machine from here. Kamlesh stops her and says I have one idea. Kat says I know you can do anything for me, but don’t go alone and break ATM. Kamlesh says no need to break it and says we shall hack it. Kat says I didn’t know that your mind is not empty. Malaika says what to do, we have to do this for Bapu. Resham Pal comes to the PS and asks why did you call me? Happu says everything is ruined. Resham Pal says my heart beat increased. Happu says I was going with your underwears, the thief attacked me and ran away with all your underwears. Resham Pal cries. Manohar asks why are you crying for it and says you can get it. Resham Pal says you can’t understand. He says I have collected all the underwears since many years, and a thief stolen it. Manohar asks if those were of the gold. Resham Pal says you will not understand. Happu asks him to collect more and be happy. Beni calls Happu and says he is ready to loot him. Happu says you have looted me now itself. Beni says I came late.

Precap: Rajjo tells Happu that she has an idea to arrange money. Hapu leaves the thief to search the thief who looted him. Manohar informs Happu that the thief which was inside their lock up is behind the loot/theft. Happu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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