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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The doctor tells Radha that we have to decide fast who to save, mother or baby? Radha says there is nothing to decide, save Kashi. Kashi cries and says no, nothing can happen to my baby. Radha says I am your mother, I can’t let anything happen to you. Kashi says Baji should be here, if he doesn’t come today then I won’t forgive him. She asks Radha to promise to save her baby, it’s the proof of love between her and Baji. Radha promises to save her baby.

baji comes to Mastani and smiles at her. They both make each other eat sweets. Her father thanks Baji for saving her life. Baji says she saved my life. Her father says my daughter’s life is with you so I want you to take her with you. Baji says I am sorry but I promised my wife and my mother that I will return alone. I also promised Mastani that I will be with her so I announce my love to Mastani. Sooriya is shocked. Baji says I will be one with Mastani so we will go together as one, then Kashi’s promise won’t break also. Mastani smiles and hugs him. Sooriya thinks Baji has lost senses for a girl.

Sooriya sends a letter to Radha. Radha tells Kashi that Baji is coming back. Kashi gets happy. Kashi gives birth to a baby boy. Radha blesses her and says you saved him from death. Kashi hugs her baby and says he looks like Baji, I wish he was here. Radha says he will be here soon. You have given us a heir and all the happiness. Kashi says I want a precious gift from Baji. He has no idea about this baby.

Baji and Mastani are going back with their caravan to Pune. Mastani tells Matank that I am feeling restless, I can’t believe that I am going to make a life with my love. This is all a dream for me. Matank says only Baji has accepted you but you have to face Kashibai. People follow Kashi more than Baji here. You will have to fight her.

Kashi is giving instructions to everyone to welcome Baji grandly. Ganga says you are not angry with him anymore? Kashi says I am still angry, I will decide our baby’s name. Ganga says to give him punishment like don’t let him see his baby. Kashi says I can’t be cruel. He didn’t even know that I am going to be a mother.

Matank tells Mastani that Kashi sent Baji to Bundelkhand, everyone follows Kashi and her orders are final even for Baji. She has control over everyone and even Baji. She never let him look at another woman. Mastani says but he fell in love with me. I am not here to snatch anyone, I just want Baji’s love and I trust his love. Their caravan stops at a stop. Baji tells his soldiers and Sooriya that I want you all to be silent about Mastani. I want to talk to Kashi first. Sooriya says we are your loyal soldiers so we will do as you say. Mastani comes out and goes to her tent.

Radha, Kashi and others are waiting for Baji. Sooriya arrives there and says Baji has stopped at a checkpoint. He sent a letter to Kashi and asked to read alone. Kashi says okay.

Baji brings Mastani to a tent. Mastani says why are we staying here? Baji says this tent has everything to offer. Mastani says why all this? Baji says this tent has all the luxuries. Mastani asks if they are staying here? Baji says not us, you will have to stay here. Mastani is shocked.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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