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Rishab questions what does he feel that they do not want him to be alive and do they feel nice to place the Malla on his photo, Rishab leaves in anger when pandit jee turns to Rakhi explaining that whoever is born must also die but there is always a correct time for the birth as well as death and the time of Karan has not arrived, if he is not with them then is taking his breath someplace else.

Arjun is in the hospital and restless, the doctor reveals that he is waking up but not with all his thoughts so it is a problem.

Pandit jee explains that if karan was not alive then the pooja would not have been successful, he saw karan marrying Preeta and if he was dead then he would not have seen him, Rakhi knows he is not a normal person and is able to see the things. Pandit jee picks the bracelet mentioning that he only performs the pooja with the things that belong to those who are alive, he explains Rakhi must believe him since her son would surely return to this house one day and even, he wants to come back, even if his face and appearance has changed but he would surely come back.

The ward boy enters the room informing the doctor that someone from his family has come to meet him, doctor leaves asking the nurse to stay beside him.

Pandit jee asks them to remember his words that her son is still in this world and one day he would be in front of her, everyone is emotional when Pandit jee hands Rakhi the bracelet before leaving the Mansion.

Preeta sits down crying remembering karan, she recalls what the Pandit jee said that he saw Karan with her in the Agni of the Hawan kun and he asked her to always remember Karan who would come back to her, Preeta questions why did he leave her as she remembers him a lot.

Anjali asks the doctor regarding the condition of Arjun, he informs that his condition is not good as he is not conscious.

The nurse is with Arjun when she realizes that he is becoming even more restless so she rushes to call the doctor requesting him to come since the patient is not well.

Rishab walks to the door, he tries to open it but the door is locked when Rishab requests Preeta to open the door mentioning she can cry even if she feels like but must just open the door, Rakhi immediately requests Preeta to open the door, Rishab calms her down explaining she is the only one who can take care of Mahesh as she knows how he is really sensitive, he requests her to believe him. Rishab calling Preeta asks her to open the door. Rishab entering the room explains that he doesnot like it at all when she cries but would not stop her if she feels like, he would just request her to not believe anything the Pandit jee said as she herself knows it is not the truth, Preeta wipes off her tears when Rishab praises her saying she is looking really pretty, Preeta exclaims she wishes the words of Pandit jee are true, Rishab and Preeta both are crying.

Arjun in the bed is restless when he recalling the event when he was thrown in the dam, wakes up yelling the name of Preeta, the doctor enters requesting him to calm down but the doctor is just calling the ward boys to help him sedate him since he needs to calm down, Anjali questions who is Preeta and why is Arjun constantly taking her name, the doctor questions if she has anyone in her family with this name, nurse says she can be someone from his past life but the doctor replies medical science doesnot believe in past life.

Rakhi is in her room exclaiming how she wants to hug her son, she is also going to scold him when he returns. Karina entering asks what is she talking about, Rakhi stands explaining that she heard what the Pandit jee said and they all know he doesnot tell a lie, she is sure that her son would come back. Dadi entering questions what sort of madness is this since they saw the body of Karan, Rakhi explains what if that body did not belong to karan as they never saw the face, Dadi mentions that she knows her pain and they cannot deviate from the truth as Karan has died.

The doctors are trying to find out what is going on with Arjun, they are reading his mind waves and the doctor asks what is going on with him, he still takes the name of Preeta which worries Anjali who wonders who is this Preeta. The doctor then questions why is he taking the name of Preeta, Arjun wakes up and immediately questions what are they doing with him and so stands up, he is shocked seeing his face questioning who does this face belong to, he questions the doctors what have they done to him and he even threatens to sue them, he walks in the hall when Anjali requests him to at least listen to her. He in anger explains his name is Karan Luthra and not Arjun. He questions what happened to his face, Anjali explains that her sister would know the truth so she calls her, Nidhi asks what happened when Karan takes the mobile questioning what did she do to his face, Nidhi gets tensed when he informs that he remembers how his face used to look like, she accepts that she saved him when he fell in the river, she used to go there for canoeing and saw that he was in the river and even the water had turned red, Karan gets dizzy so Anjali has to help him sit on the bench, he remembers that there were crocodiles in that river. Nidhi informs she had to take him to the hospital where the doctors revealed that his face has been ruined by the crocodiles and they need to give him a new face, she informed how she showed the doctor the photo and he got a new face, Nidhi reveals the doctors did not allow her to meet him during the surgery and recovery but they officially met at the time when the bandages were taken off.

Nidhi explains that he did not remember his own identity, the doctor assured that he would get back his memory and taking her aside he informed that the person would accept whatever she tells him as it would become his memory since his metal status has weaken after the accident and so she said his name was Arjun. Nidhi explains she got scared thinking he might suffer a nervous break down so she thought of protecting his life by telling whatever can save him. Karan explains that she has ruined his life as she should have at least contacted the authorities. Karan ends the call when Anjali questions if he informs her name if Anjali Ahuja and the girl, he was talking to is Nidhi Ahuja. Karan explains he is going back to his own house.

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