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RECAP: Singh’s insult Goenka’s. Their friendship is broken. AbhiRa’s engagement is fixed.

Next Morning: AbhiRa go to Singh Villa

Abhi and Akshu enter through their door as Ansh walks into the living room.

Ansh: Hey bro.. how are you? I haven’t seen you for a while, as I haven’t come to the hospital.. (To Akshu:) Hi, I must admit, you are really beautiful..

Akshu: Thank you (she blushes)

Abhi: Oh hello?? Prakriti ko kaha ki nahi kabhi?

Ansh is about to speak but Prakriti enters.

Prakriti: Is se to kuch expect hi nahi ho tha Abhimanyu..

Akshu: Hi di? (question mark for because Akshu is unsure of what to call Prakriti, like di or bhabhi)

Prakriti: Ek minute? Tumne mujhe di kaha! Just call me Prakriti.. I am not that old like Ansh.

Akshu: (realises Prakriti is pregnant) Congratulations Prakriti di.. I mean Prakriti

Prakriti: Thank you Akshu! Do you want water or anything?

Akshu: No thank you Prakriti! Vaise, Akhilesh uncle kahan hai?

Akhilesh: Yahan.

Abhimanyu gets angry hearing his voice, and not wanting Prakriti to hear this during pregnancy, Aarohi and Prakriti go to the nearby green space.. (Abhi is unaware Prakriti already knows )

Abhi: Hi Akhilesh ji..

Akhilesh: Woah….. calm down man! Why do you want to insult yourself in front of your girlfriend.. oops.. should I say, hone wali wife?

Abhi: You insult me if you want.. but what you did with my sister was not good.. I won’t leave you for this.. AKHILESH

Akhilesh slaps Abhi

Akshu: Abhi.. shant ho jao!

Abhi: No Akshu No! Isne Aanya aur Goenka’s ke bare me kaha, I won’t tolerate that!

Aarohi comes back with Prakriti, but quickly calls Kinjal and Kinjal comes and takes Prakriti to Kapadia Villa.

Aarohi: She is also my sister and best friend.. you can’t insult her with us three in front! Try it if you want sir- I mean Akhilesh..

Maya  comes

Maya: Aarohi! What has happened to you and Abhimanyu? Before you were not like this!

Aarohi: Aap log bhi nahi the aise pehle aunty.. jealousy has turned you like this.

Guru hears the commotion, and comes down from his room, but also holding Aanya’s photo.

Guru: Abhi? Akshu.. Aaru? What are you guys doing here?

Abhi: We are here to know the truth Guru.

Guru: Konsa sach?

Abhi: of what happened that night

Guru is About to speak but Akshu interferes.

Akshu: I will tell you.. (Muted convo- details will be revealed after)

Guru: Th-that means… it is not Aan- Aanya’s fault .. and y-you both (Maya-Akhilesh) m-made me h-hate her??!?!!?

Maya: Haan.. we made you hate her.. because she doesn’t deserve you beta..

Guru: Kya beta??

Angrily, Guru goes to his room and brings 2 suitcases down.


Randhawa Villa:

Aarohi and Prakriti come inside.

Naira: Aaru?? Hi.. you must be Prakriti?

Prakriti: Haan.. I am Prakriti..

Aarohi: Prakriti.. I need to tell you something…

Prakriti: Haan bolo na Aaru?

Aarohi: I don’t think Abhi told you.. or Akshu di…

Prakriti: That papa broke relations with Aanya’s family??

Aarohi: Aap ko kese pata?

Prakriti: I was there as well na…

Naira: Don’t worry Prakriti beta.. we are with you, I mean we don’t support your father-in-law’s insults to them, but we support your decision of going against them..

Kartik comes

Kartik: Nai- Hi Prakriti..

Prakriti: Hi uncle how are you?

Kartik: I am fine.. and congratulations on behalf of whole Randhawa family.

Prakriti: Thank you (she cries)

Seeing her cry, Aarohi cries too, seeing her best friend upset

Kartik to Naira: (He signals her about something)

Naira: Haan.. whoever cries won’t get kachoris from me

Aarohi: Kya mumma..

Reem comes

Reem: Hi mumma, hi papa.. hi Prakriti!

Prakriti: Hi Reem..

Reem: I learnt of what happened.. don’t worry.. we are with you..

Prakriti: Aap ko pata hai.. what the worst thing is? That No One there cares about my pregnancy or my child.. except Guru.. but he is also upset about-(she cries even more)

Aarohi: Not even Ansh bhai?

Prakriti: No..

Naira: Prakriti.. if you want, you can come and stay here..

Just as she says that, Guru comes in..

Guru: Bhabhi.. here is all your stuff.. I asked Akshu to pack it for you..

Prakriti: Thank you Guru..

Guru: I know Aanya will be staying too.. so if Naira aunty if you could give this letter to her.. it would be great..

Naira: Why don’t you stay too?

As Guru is about to speak, Akshu and Abhi come in with bags

Guru: Akshu? Abhi? These are m-my b-bags.. why did you pack my things?

Akshu: Because you will also stay here.


Precap: Akshara and Abhimanyu’s engagement. Aanya’s decision to Guru’s letter.

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