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Scene 1
Sid tells Dadu that he doesn’t trust Mithai a lot, he says I can’t question Indu but you are an elder so you can clarify things with her. We have to sort this and stop Shubham’s wedding if this is true. Dadu brings Aarti’s necklace to Indu and Mithai. Indu asks what happened? Dadu says Sid thinks there was a lie about this necklace as this is fake. Indu is stunned. Dadu says our jeweler told us that this necklace is fake. Sid asks Mithai if she has any proof of the talk between Aarti and Indu? Abha whispers to Karishma that Mithai will be thrown out of the house now.

Kirti is getting ready sadly. Rohan hugs her and asks her why she is worried? Kirti says we got married but my father was not even there. My family didn’t even bless me. I can’t go away when they are angry with me. Rohan says they will be pacified. Kirti says we won’t go to the US before Shubham’s marriage.

Shubham tells Indu that it looks like you lied to us all. Mithai says how can you blame my mother without even letting her explain? Shubham says why did you present a fake necklace? Mithai stops him and says I never wanted to do this marriage. I will leave it to God to prove if my mother lied or not. We don’t have proof but God knows the truth and he will help us. Mithai asks Sid how did he find out that this necklace is fake? Sid says don’t question me. Mithai says why? You are alleging my mother so can’t I ask you a question? Dadu says I have the same question, why did you think this necklace is fake? Sid says Abha told me that this necklace might be fake. Mithai says I don’t know about the necklace. When you all saw the necklace before, nobody questioned it so why did Abha think that this necklace is fake? She requests Dadu to question Abha on why she thought the necklace is fake? Dadu calls Abha and Abhishek. She is stressed but comes there. Abha tells Dadu that keep us away from Shubham and Mithai’s marriage. Dadu says I just want to ask why did you tell Sid that this necklace is fake? Abha says you all are blinded by Mithai. This Mithai used Sid to break my daughter’s marriage. Sid was never interested in the family matters but Mithai filled his mind against us. Mithai says I just told him the truth. Abha says I was going to get water one day when I heard Mithai and Indu talking that they are fooling the family. Indu told Mithai to keep Shubham under control as Sid will go away. I am sure that she is even lying about her illness. Indu cries and says how can you say all that? Abha says they are shedding fake tears. Abhishek says Abha is part of this family so you people should trust her. Abha says this family never accepted us. Abha says I started doubting the necklace because if Aarti promised Indu then she must have talked to someone in the family about Mithai but she never did. Indu says do you have proof that Aarti never talked about Mithai’s marriage? Indu tells Sid that even you are not trusting me? Mithai tells Indu to not beg to anyone. We are living in this house but that doesn’t mean we don’t have self-respect. We will not cry and we will prove our innocence. I trust God so we don’t need to bow down to injustice. Mithai tells the family that if this is a fake necklace then real necklace is in the house so we should search the house. All look on.

The episode ends.

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