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Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir angrily scolding the guy and beating him up. Uma shouts. The guy says enough, see what I do now. He breaks the things in the house. Kabir gets angry. He beats the guy again. Shabnam comes and arrests the guy. She slaps him. Kabir says he will get punished for blackmail and extortion, but he has to apologize to them first. Shabnam asks the guy to apologize. He apologizes. Kabir says I will tell you what the society calls a man like you, you aren’t a man enough, a man isn’t one who tortures a woman, but one who encourages women and supports them to give them a high status. Shabnam arrests that guy. They leave. Kabir and Katha clean the house mess. Uma sits crying. Manyata asks Kabir to have tea, she will see the work. She says you have already done a lot for us. Katha says its good that Uma called me and informed, but she asked me not to come home, but I could not leave her alone. Kabir asks Uma not to worry, that man won’t come again. He jokes. He says next time, I will come to have the food made by you. Uma says no, I can’t let you go without having food, I will make some arrangements. Manyata goes to help Uma. Katha says thanks, everything got fine because of me, I could have not handled this alone. He says there is nothing that you can’t handle, I felt like a hero today, I didn’t beat anyone till now. Manyata comes and hears them.

Uma serves the parathas to Kabir. He asks her to have it. He feeds her by his hands. Manyata says its Katha’s turn now. She feeds Katha. Uma says I will just come. Kabir says we will go to NGO tomorrow and meet the ladies. Manyata thinks its good. Kishor comes home. Kabir says sorry, I wanted to wait for you, but couldn’t. Kishor says I love paneer parathas, if Yuvraj was here, then he would have eaten half parathas and packed the rest. Kabir says Yuvraj is my younger brother, he is like my son, he is full of life. Kishor asks them to come to Udaipur. Katha asks Kishor to have parathas. She goes to help Uma. Kishor says we should get inspired by Katha and make cakes. Manyata thinks Kishor is teasing Kabir about Katha, it means he also wants to get them together. Uma’s hand burns. Katha cares for her. Uma cries and says what if that goon did anything to you, what would I do, I m worried for you and the baby, the society doesn’t think like you.

Kabir and Kishor hear them. Uma says you are nice, but not everyone is nice, that goon came home today to trouble us, you want to keep the baby, fine, but think as a mum, its imp to protect the baby, you have to stop inviting problems, the baby will face this question every day that who is his dad. Manyata thinks to make Uma quiet. Kishor says Katha is pregnant. Manyata asks Uma to talk slowly, Kabir’s Jiju has come. Katha says I m not worried for myself, I have confidence that I can take care of myself and this baby, I can’t see you in trouble, I have decided to go away from this house. Uma scolds her and asks her not to say this. Kishor goes to Uma and says sorry, Uma is right, I don’t think Katha will lose so soon. Uma says where will she go running from here, she will be tagged an unmarried mum, Kabir explain her, how will she live without a life partner, what would have happened if Kabir wasn’t here. Kabir asks her to calm down. Uma says I can’t get calm until she gets a life partner, she said she won’t marry until she tells the truth to the guy, who will marry her knowing this. Kabir says she will get her life partner because of her truth, I agree with her daughter. Uma asks will you hold her hand, you know her truth. Kishor looks on. Uma asks Kabir to say. She says you don’t have courage, right. Katha asks what are you saying, how can you behave with a guest this way. She leaves. Manyata introduces Kishor to Uma. Kishor greets Uma.

Kabir says I wanted to talk. Katha says I wanted to say sorry. Kabir says I have got an answer. He proposes Katha for marriage.

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