Pandya Store fame Shrashti Maheshwari ties the knot tech engineer Karan Vaidya – Telly Updates-Hdmoviefreedownload

Pandya Store fame Shrashti Maheshwari recently got married to Bangalore-based tech engineer Karan Vaidya. The couple got engaged in February and were slated to get married in April, but postponed their wedding to June 19 owing to the pandemic. The couple tied the knot in Karan’s hometown Jaipur.

Shrashti talked about it during a recent interview with BT and shared, “Nothing has changed from the time I got engaged to Karan to now when I am married. My throat is sore singing songs and dancing with Karan. I enjoyed my wedding, it was filled with color, warmth, and love of my in-laws, and my husband Karan is a very romantic guy. I like that about him. He picked me up in his arms during the ‘jaymala’ ceremony and took me to the wedding mandap. Right after the festivities, I changed into my jeans and my in-laws were okay with it. I am glad that I have entered this new chapter of my life.”

She added, “We had carefully planned all the wedding outfits and though we only invited friends and family, it was a dream wedding.”

When asked about her plans to return to Mumbai, she said, “I plan to get back to work by the end of this month. For now, I am enjoying quality time with my husband. Karan will be working in US, so for some time it will be a long-distance marriage.”

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