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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Shantaram hurting Krishna and asking her to send Gomti to get milk. Krishna sends Gomti and cries. Ahilya says Krishna’s problem has shaken me within, there will be many such women troubled by this problem, maybe the women have no courage. Tukoji says they will tolerate everything but not say anything. She says its enough now. They say we have to increase our strength to fight a big problem. She says we have to increase my army now, there is Vat Poornima tomorrow, it’s a sign of husband and wife’s love. She tells some plan. Gomti comes home. Shantaram says Krishna has made the food and went to Kanta Mausi, he asked me to feed you the food. He recalls taking Krishna somewhere and tying her up. He says you will get punished for encouraging Gomti, you will be tied here all night, you will keep a fast for me tomorrow like an ideal wife. She cries. Gomti cries. Tukoji comes to the village and meets the villagers. Gomti sees Shantaram sleeping. She goes out to see Krishna. She hears some dogs barking. Yamuna sees Ahilya going out. She follows. She sees some servant and thinks I m mistaken, Ahilya would be sleeping at this time. Ahilya meets the villagers. Gomti sees Krishna tied up and asks who tied you here, dad, right. She frees her. Krishna says don’t open the ropes, let me stay here. Gomti says we will go and tell the truth to Ahilya. Krishna says don’t get adamant, we won’t do this. They cry. Its morning, Ahilya prays to Shiv ji in the temple. Gomti comes there and cries. Ahilya sees her and takes her with her. She consoles Gomti. She asks her the matter. She asks is Krishna fine. Gomti says Krishna will die, my dad will kill her, he had tied her to the tree yesterday night. Ahilya worries.

Gomti says save her, I can’t live without her, get justice for her. Ahilya hugs her. She says Krishna will surely get justice but the problem is, she is denying the truth. Gomti says she is much scared of dad, so she lies. Krishna comes and says I didn’t lie. The women are preparing for Vat Poornima. They all have a laugh. Parvati says I didn’t keep this fast before, I m Khanderao’s wife, I will do this puja and ask him for coming seven births. Gautama asks Harku to prepare the puja plate for Ahilya today. Harku says sure. Dwarka says Parvati wants to get Khanderao as husband in every birth, you may get the same Sautan also. Krishna recalls Shantaram’s words. She says I explained Gomti many times. Ahilya asks why are you tolerating the tortures, why, its imp to explain him, not just you are dependent on him, he is also dependent. Krishna says no, he can abandon me and remarry, where will a wife go. Gautama says Dwarka, our good days can’t get any bad sight, because of your bitter taunts, I think you want to get rid of us, I advise you to not do puja for Malhar today.

Krishna says I have no problem, I m happy with my husband, Gomti is mistaken. Ahilya says it’s Vat Poornima today, do you accept that your family is an ideal family. Krishna says I m trying. Ahilya says just you are trying, he behaves bad than an animal, there is still time, you can tell everyone what happened with you, your life can change, its time, you get him punished. Krishna says I can’t hear wrong words about him, I can’t get him punished. She takes Gomti. Ahilya says you are burning in this fire, your Gomti may also burn in this, then you will be just helpless and can’t do anything. Krishna says I have to go in puja. She leaves with Gomti.

Krishna falls down. Ahilya asks her to keep herself alive, and have water. The lady says she can’t drink water.

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