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The Episode starts with Swaran saying I will clear your misunderstanding, see this cheque, the business is blooming, I wanted to unite the family, its happening, Nakul says I think she is saying right, we should forget everything and move on. Kiran says yes, he is right. Swaran says its our victory. Bebe says even Ajit deserves this earning. Divya asks Ajit to come and not get more insulted. Swaran says one min, I get much hurt that Ajit is here, I want him to go home and stay with his family, his family matters to him as much as my family matters to me, I didn’t want him to stay here, but I understood why Kanwal gave my responsibility to Ajit, I can’t go against Kanwal’s decision, you are cursing this friendship, he has supported me when I had no one with me, not even blood ties, he supported me, now when everyone is against him, do you think I can leave the support, no, I will support him, Kanwal got him here with support, if you make Ajit away, then you won’t respect Kanwal, its my duty to respect Kanwal’s wish, so Ajit won’t go from here. Vikram gets angry. Swaran says he will go when his pride shines on his face after completing the promise to Kanwal. Everyone goes.

Bebe says its enough now. Swaran asks her to keep the cheque, it’s the cheque of her son’s business. Bebe takes the cheque and gets sad. Swaran says Kanwal used to tell me, that I should never leave the right, even if the world is against me. Bebe cries. Swaran says I have always supported the truth. Bebe says maybe you are telling right, but is this right that some outsider handles our house. Ajit says forgive me, did you have any food. Divi says no, we can’t have food. Ajit says don’t do this. He asks Jai to wait. Swaran says my sons should respect love and relations. Ajit gives the muffler for Dhillo. He gives money and says keep it, buy something for the family. He gives money to Divi also. He says I will come back. Swaran says the day my sons feel that the house is precious, they won’t go to any property dealer. Bebe says your sons would want something. Swaran says its their house, Kanwal left the house and business for them, but they have to know the price. Jai says I can’t tolerate this misbehavior with you. Ajit says no, Swaran stood by me. Bebe says you are being adamant, give them what belongs to them. Swaran says even I want that, but I have to make them realize that this is of them, its precious. Bebe goes and sees Ajit. Divi returns the money to Ajit and asks him to come home soon. Ajit goes to Swaran and asks are you making tea for me. He says thanks for stopping me and not letting me go that way. They have the tea. He smiles seeing her.

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