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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
The attacker is about to give the injection to Dev but Krisha comes there and pushes him away. She says who are you? The attacker tries to beat her but Jaya comes there with the security. They take him away. Dev wakes up and thanks Krisha for saving his life. Jaya says yes, she kept praying for you and saved your life. She thanks Krisha and leaves.

Naina asks the family where is Dev? Ugra says someone attacked Dev and he is in the hospital. Minakshi says what? who must be behind it? Raghav says not sure, if anything happens to Dev then all wealth will go to charity and we will be on the road.

Sudha tells her husband that Dev woke up, and now Krisha and Dev will become one.

Krisha takes care of Dev in the hospital. She helps him in walking and eating. After some time, Dev is feeling better. Rati comes to them and gives a file to Dev, and she leaves. Dev finds divorce papers in the file, Krisha tries to leave but Dev stops her. He tears the papers and says I promise you that I won’t let anything wrong happen with you if you come back with me. I won’t let anyone come in between us but please come back with me. Krisha says I will go with you but don’t promise that you will give importance to our relationship. You keep your family and values above our relationship. Dev says you have saved my life so I promise you that my remaining life is yours, you own my life now. You and your love matters to me the most. We will never separate again and I promise you that. Krisha smiles as he makes her wear the wedding ring again. Krisha hugs him tightly. Jaya and Vamika see that. Jaya says they reunited again. Vamika says I should leave now. Jaya stops her and says Krisha has to see a lot. I will prove Dev wrong. I will make Krisha’s fear become real by making Dev break off his promises.

Raghav wakes up at night time and asks for water. Rati goes to bring it. She goes to the kitchen and finds a shadow there. She screams so all the family members come there. Rati says I saw someone’s shadow here. Jaya says there is no one around. Rati says there was someone here for sure. Vamika says you are just scared. Jaya says let’s all go to sleep. Rati and others start leaving but they find a door opened. Rati is about to check inside but Jaya stops her. She says you people don’t understand what’s behind this door, this door was closed 20 years ago after a priest prayed for 20 days. Since then this door was closed because of evil powers but now this door has been opened so it means evil powers are out. We have to get this door closed as I don’t want evil powers to roam around in this house. Minakshi says I will call a priest tomorrow. Jaya says we have to get this door closed, you all leave from here. They all leave. Vamika stares at Jaya and leaves.

Sudha and her husband meet Krisha and Dev in the hospital. Sudha says I will miss Krisha. Krisha hugs her and says I will come to meet you, people, soon. Dev says you both can come and live with us for some days. Sudha says no, you both go back. They come to the mandir and Dev applies sindoor to Krisha. Sudha and her husband bless them. They leave. Dev asks Krisha what she wants before starting their new life? Krisha thinks I don’t know if he can give me what I really want.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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