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The Episode starts with Malishka asking Lakshmi if she has sold her character, Morality and everything, and for what just to win from me. She says what kind of girl you are? She says I will end your drama and story as Rishi and I…Lakshmi asks are you done? She says you talk so much about character, morality and values and asks if you have seen yourself in the mirror and face yourself? Malishka says Lakshmi? Lakshmi says playing games, conspiring, you knows better. She says you think everything for victory and talk about defeat and victory. She says emotions can’t be snatched or won, it can be felt by itself. She says whoever says that everything is fair in love and war, they say wrong. She says love is not a war, but an end to the war. She says whoever think it as a war, think wrong. She says you couldn’t win due to this. She says don’t blame me, if I have to leave it from here, then I will, but will you get Rishi back. She says he was with you, even before I came. She says will you get his love? She asks her to spend time with herself and think, then you will get answers about my character, morality, and you will get more big answer about Rishi, me and love. Malishka makes a sad face.

Lakshmi comes to the room and asks Mukesh to bring lemon water. She says she will see Rishi.
She thinks why do you do this, Rishi. I can’t see you like this. Rishi says that’s why I do this. Lakshmi removes his shoes. He asks why are you doing this? She says I have right on you. He asks who are you? He holds her hand and asks with what you touched me? Lakshmi says you are not in your senses to understand, but I am telling that I touched you being Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi, even now I am your wife. He asks her to listen. Lakshmi asks what? If he wants to say something. She asks him to sleep. Rishi says you are ordering me to sleep, gets up and says I will not sleep. Lakshmi turns to go. Rishi says I want to say something, please sit. Lakshmi sits on the bed. Rishi holds her hand and says I want to say something. Lakshmi asks him to say. Rishi says when we were not married, and I just started knowing you. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…..He says since then, I like your smile. He says I had said that I like to see you smiling and also told that I will never leave you even if we had a fight, even if we separate, but don’t hate me. He says you have so much purity, as you care for everyone and me, and says I get the smell of the mud from you, where there is just love. Lakshmi gets emotional hearing this.

Neelam says Lakshmi’s one day stay increased. She says Lakshmi sat silent infront of Judge. She thinks Rishi shall go with her tomorrow and sign the divorce papers. She says Markesh dosh goes away, but Lakshmi is still here. Malishka comes there to cry and complain about Lakshmi. She says everything is slipping from their hand. Neelam says we have solid proofs against Lakshmi, Judge will not let pregnant Lakshmi stay here. She says everyone will happen as we want. Malishka says this is our mistake that we thought her weak from day 1, but she is still here. She says all the family members are against her, but she is still here. She says Lakshmi’s destiny is good and says she returned today also. Neelam says Lakshmi was silent today. Malishka says Rishi could have said and got the divorce, but he didn’t do anything as his case was strong. She says Rishi came home drunk, I brought him inside. But Lakshmi came there and lectured me, and sidelined me and went with Rishi. She asks who is she, if she is his wife to show the right, and says she couldn’t be the Servant of the house. She says if you would have been there, then would have thrown her out.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to hear him, and says I…He says I see such a person in you, whom I never want to lose. He says I have a different picture of yours in my heart, you like to help people and you made other sorrows as yours. He says everything was good before, when I was trying to know about you. Their moments are shown. Song plays…..Rishi says then I saw your real face, you played a good game with me, with my family, and didn’t value our emotions. He asks why did you do this? He says my family had told me, not to trust you, but I did. He says I shouldn’t have trusted you and asks why did you betray me? Lakshmi is shocked and teary eyes. He asks her not to try and says you don’t have an answer. He asks why didn’t you show your real face to me before. He rests to sleep. Lakshmi cries keeping her hand on her mouth, looking at him. She then goes.

Malishka tells Neelam that Rishi is sensitive and good and believes everyone. She says he always takes Lakshmi’s side and says we have to open his eyes, else we will lose for forever. She says Lakshmi can never challenge you and you can only save him and get his divorce done, else she will not give him divorce. She says I really don’t know that if I will become the bahu or not. She says Lakshmi married Rishi due to that fake kundali, and asks her to think what she can do. Neelam says she will not leave her. Malishka says I know. Neelam says you don’t me, and says I am something else for others. She says I promise that Rishi will take divorce tomorrow. Malishka smiles.

Next day, Lakshmi thinks today she will get divorce and worries for Ahana. She says if Gautam haven’t talked to his family, then don’t know what will happen. She says she helped Ahana as she is like her sister. She says today her marriage with Rishi is at stake. She says Bau ji taught that good things happen with good people and asks Mata Rani to be with her and show her the way, give her hope which she needs badly. She hopes Gautam’s family accepts Ahana.

Neelam comes there. Lakshmi says goodmorning. Neelam asks her not to utter a word and asks her to stop acting. Rishi comes there and greets Neelam. Neelam blesses him, and taunts at Lakshmi. She says you shall have all the happiness and stay away from evil. She tells Lakshmi that she is speaking about her, and asks what she was saying standing there, and says nothing wrong will happen and this trouble will end today. Rishi and Lakshmi look at each other. Neelam warns her and asks her not to make innocent face infront of Judge, and asks her not to trap Rishi with her sweet talks. She asks her to say the truth. Neelam says truth never hides and comes out eventually.

Precap: Neelam asks Rishi to go to court with this girl, but return home alone. She says this is all I wanted. Lakshmi feels unwell. Rishi says we will go to doctor first, then we will got o court. Gautam’s mother says it is inauspicious as the girl falls holding the aarti plate. Ahana asks Gautam, if he talked to his parents. He says he don’t know how his parents will react after hearing this. Ahana says we have to tell the truth. Later she tells Neelam that there is some big matter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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