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Fanaa – Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ishaan calls Pakhi. He says did Agastya tell you the good news? She says what? He says Agastya is sponsoring limbs for children at the hospital. I wanna thank him for his efforts. Tomorrow is the press conference to announce it. He looked stressed. Pakhi says it’s work. He says see you tomorrow. Pakhi says I will try to come. Pakhi says why would Agastya help Ishaan? What’s happening? Agastya comes home. He looks for his charger. Pakhi gives it to him. Agastya slips and falls on Pakhi. She stands up. Pakhi’s mangalsutra gets stuck in his button. Pakhi comes close to removing it. The song phir bhi tumko chahunga plays. Agastya holds Pakhi’s hand. Pakhi leaves.

Ishaan cuts Pakhi and Agastya’s photo. He says let’s wait for tomorrow Agastya.

Scene 2
The next morning Agastya comes to the press conference. Ishaan asks where is Pakhi? Dadi says she’s coming. Pakhi comes separately. Ishaan says thanks for coming Pakhi. The manager says thank you for your efforts Agastya. Ishaan says let’s start the conference. A man stops Agastya and says we’re from an enforcement agency. We have an arrest warrant. Dadi says what has he done?? He says this arrest warrant is for Ishaan. Ishaan acts shocked and says what have I done? He says you’ve done corruption in the construction of this peads department at the hospital. Ishaan says i did nothing. Pakhi says do you have proof. The man asks Agastya to come by his side. He says thanks for the mail through with you intimated us. We won’t take your name. Pakhi hears it. Agastya says you’re lying. Pakhi says to Agastya this is too much. They arrest Ishaan. Pakhi says to inspector Ishaan hasn’t done this.

Agastya says what proof do you have that I emailed you? He says here is the email from your official email. Agastya says Ishaan has done nothing and I’ve not emailed you. I don’t know who’s doing this. he says I am taking this complaint back if you’re saying I did it. Inspector says don’t blame us later. They let Ishaan go. Agastya says to Pakhi I didn’t send that mail. Someone is doing it. Ishaan leaves. Pakhi tries to stop him. She says I am sorry. He says when you came into my life it was the biggest curse of my life. He’s ruined my life. What’s my fault? I had dreams. I wanted to do something for my dad. See what your Agastya made me. He is going to ruin my life again. Once a demon always a demon. Pakhi says please forgive me. I will fix everything. He says I can see how fixed everything is. I wish Agasstya actually killed me. he leaves.

Agastya tries to stop Pakhi. He says please give me a chance. I will fix everything. She says I’ve given you enough chances. You can never change. I didn’t listen to anyone and trusted you with all my heart. I was wrong, papa was right. You can never change. I can’t trust you anymore. Ic can’t be with you. Pakhi leaves. Her saree gets stuck on Agastya’s button. Agastya sits at her feet. He cries. Pakhi says let me go. They both cry. Agastya cries too. Pakhi faints. Agastya runs to her. He holds her.

Scene 3
Agastya brings Pakhi to her home. He says please call a doctor. Samir says what have you done to my daughter. Agastya says
I didn’t do anything. Prema says Pakhi open eyes. The doctor comes and checks her. He checks her pulse. He says she fainted due to stress. I will let you know once we have the reports. Pakhi says I don’t know who is trying to create problems between us. I will find that person. Pakhi opens her eyes and shoves Agastya’s hand.

Episode ends

Update Credit to: Atiba

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