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Harphoul Mohini 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini says to amma and achha I wanna gift you something before I leave. She puts a nameplate outside the house. Achha says you’ve grown up so much. You cleared the loan and saved us all. I hope you always stay happy. He hugs her and says are you happy. Don’t ever compromise on your dreams. Mohini says nothing is more important than your happiness. Mai is on her way. She says the town is only an hour away. Shalini says see that woman making her husband work. Mohini will do the same to you. They reach the station. Mai says let me down too. Saroj meets them. They meet Saroj’s kids as well. Mai says let’s go home. Saroj says Mohini’s dad is here as well. Achha comes. He meets them and gives them flowers. Mai says thank you. Shalini says who gets flowers for a woman? Mai says you’re giving it with respect. I will respect it. He gives them the card. She says I can’t read Hindi. Achha says let me read it for you. His glasses fall. Harphoul stops him from picking. He says you’re an elder and picks it. Achaa says thank you. He says let’s go to our place.

Mai says this place looks so good. Harphoul thinks about Mohini. Mohini dances with her sisters. Banwari says to Harphoul that this wedding will ruin your life. Mohini dances in the garden. Harphoul ignores Banwari. Mohini’s mom welcomes Harphoul. Harphoul comes in and sees Mohini dancing.

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