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Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish going to kitchen and offering help to Palki. She laughs and asks can you help me in this work. He says yes, try, I can do anything you say. She says fine, knead the flour. He asks what, fine, I will do it. She jokes on him. He kneads the flour. It gets sticky on his hands. She laughs. His phone rings. She shows Madhu’s call. The phone gets answered. Madhu hears Krish and Palki talking. Madhu says Armaan first and now Krish, he is also in love, I have to stop him. Armaan and Diya are making a collage. Sudha comes to Armaan and asks him to get her room door fixed. He says sure. She goes. Diya says its good mum didn’t see this. Sudha prays. Madhu says get ready to make Palki your bahu. Sudha asks what. Madhu says Palki is making Krish knead the flour, when Palki and Diya become bahus here, then think what will happen. Sudha gets angry.

Brij says you look very joyful today. Palki says I m always such. He says your face is glowing since Krish came. She says no. He asks do you both like each other. She says no. He says he came to see me, his attention was on you, tell me, what’s in your heart for Krish. Sudha asks what’s going on between you and Palki. Krish says there is nothing between us. Palki says I don’t know, but there is something. Brij asks are you sure that he also likes you. Krish says I have no feelings for her. Brij says I will talk to Diya and Sudha about Krish and your alliance. Sudha says don’t lie, Madhu heard you and Palki talking. Madhu says they were laughing and talking. Krish says we are friends. Sudha argues with Madhu. Everyone comes and looks on. Sudha asks how can you link his name with Palki or anyone, he is my son, I will find a life partner for him, so that he doesn’t take any wrong decision. Saloni asks her to calm down. Krish says Palki and I are just friends. Diya looks at him.

Madhu cries and breaks the mirror. Bhavna asks her to calm down. Madhu says your mum insulted me. She says I m sure Krish and Palki have an affair, I will prove it tomorrow. Bhavna asks what will you do. Madhu says just see. Diya asks Krish to tell her the truth. She says you were dating Palki, you love her right. He says yes. She asks why did you lie then. He looks outside and shuts the door. He says I like Palki a lot, she is my inspiration, I want to spend my life with her. she asks why did you lie to Sudha. He says I got scared. She says you have to stay strong and fight for your relation if you love someone, you take the elders’ blessings. He thanks her for showing him the right direction. He says I promise, I will tell mummy about Palki. She goes. He says I will tell everyone about Palki. Sudha apologizes to Madhu. She says don’t know why I got so much angry. She shows the beauty makeup kit and asks shall I order this for you. Madhu likes the gift and says I can’t stay angry on you for long. Krish comes to Palki and catches her. She recalls Diya fighting Rocky, and hits Krish.

He says stop, its me. She scolds him. He says I was going to surprise you. He puts his phone there. He surprises Palki with a romantic proposal. He gives her flowers. He says I love you Palki Mathur, please say yes or no, my knees are hurting. She says promise me, you will always follow what you said. He says promise, give me a reply now. She says look into my eyes. A balloon comes between them. They laugh when it bursts. She says just I love you isn’t enough to make a relation official. He says I promise, I will tell everything to mummy tomorrow. Diya and Armaan get a cake for Sudha to surprise her. Saloni takes Sudha to the surprise birthday party. Armaan and Diya come and look on. Sudha says thanks, when did you do all this. Madhu says Saloni did this all alone. Sudha thanks Saloni. Diya keeps the cake and comes to congratulate Sudha. Armaan gets Diya’s prepared cake there. Diya says Saloni, you planned the surprise well. Armaan asks Sudha to cut the cake which Diya made. Sudha says it will have sugar in it, Saloni made the sugarfree cake for you. Saloni asks her to make a wish. Sudha says just you can fulfil my wish. She cuts the cake and feeds it to Armaan. Krish says we shall play music and dance. Everyone goes. Armaan and Diya have a romantic moment. They dance.

Armaan says we will go away, don’t worry. Diya and Palki say we will leave this house. Armaan asks Sudha to stop Diya.

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