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Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 25th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anu and Gungun thinking of each other, and crying. Naina..plays… Gungun says I have made everything easy for you, Akriti is happy now, you and your family also, and if you are happy then I m happy. Anu says you gave me a life but snatched the reason to live. Its morning, Charu gets the newspaper. He reads the news. He shouts to everyone. Chandru asks what happened. Charu says govt is awarding Gungun for her bravery. Chandru says she deserves it. Sharu says her surname is Kulshresht, everyone thinks she is Anu’s wife. Akriti comes and says we got an invite for the award function. Sargam asks why are we invited. Chandru says because we are his family. Charu says we all are invited. Reporters come to meet Gungun. Garima says she is busy. Reporter says we will not go without taking her interview. Gungun says I don’t want to meet anyone. Gungun gets a call. The man says I m Kamal Prasad, Collector Sir’s PA, congrats for winning this bravery award.

Gungun says I had personal reasons to save Anu’s life, I don’t want this award. He says I request you to please come and receive the award. She says fine, I will come. He thanks her. She thinks I lost everything, no award matters now. Charu says they should have given the award to the commissioner and inspector who shot those terrorists. Chandru says its good if she is getting an award. Charu says we won’t go in the function. Sunanda says we all should go for Anu’s sake. Golu says yes. Charu says I don’t want my family to lose respect, if the media questions about Gungun and Anu’s relation, if Gungun says anything wrong then… Golu says she will never insult us. He asks Anu to come with him in the award function. Akriti says Anu won’t go. Golu says Gungun fought for Anu, its not good to be so thankless. He taunts Akriti. They all ask Anu his decision, will he go in the function. Anu says no, I won’t go. Golu asks why are you doing this. Anu says no one can understand. Garima says Ranvijay has come to congratulate you. Ranvijay says sorry, I m here to personal congratulate you, come, I will take you to the venue today. Garima says no need, they have sent a car for Gungun. He says no problem, I will go with her, dad asked me to marry her soon. Gungun says I also want this. Ranvijay says he is going to help us with finances. Garima asks why, Gungun can handle her finances on own, joint account isn’t needed, what’s of her will be of her. Ranvijay says I mean we will share everything after marriage, all her problems are mine from now. Gungun asks him not to argue. Ranvijay asks shall I come with you, it’s a big day for you, I want to be a part of your happiness. She says okay, its your right to go with me, you are my would be husband. Garima goes.

Dean asks Anu to go in the award function, Gungun has saved his life. He says I stayed with her and got tricked, you also got tricked by her. She asks him to just come for her sake. Media questions Gungun about Anu and her relation. Gungun asks why do you want to know about our personal life. She scolds the reporters. She says I m marrying Ravijay, do you have any problem. She asks them not to make personal attacks, it feels bad. Akriti calls Anu and asks did you have food. He says not yet, I m going out for work. She asks where. He says dean is asking me to go for the award function. She says you lied in front of the family, right. He says no, dean is waiting for me, we will talk later.

Dean and Anu reach the venue. Gungun comes with Ranvijay. Ranvijay holds Gungun and says people should see our love. She says I don’t like getting lovey dovey in front of anyone. He taunts her. Anu sees Gungun with him. Dean says truth is like air, that’s why we aren’t able to see it. Anu recalls Gungun.

Anu says Ranvijay handed me over to the terrorists, Gungun would be knowing this, even then she is marrying him. Dean asks him to stop her from making this mistake. He says no use, she won’t listen to anyone. Gungun loses balance on the stairs and falls in Anu’s arms.

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