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Today, the people of the country are asking only one question – Is Nupur Sharma responsible for the murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur? And can the Udaipur incident be justified on the ground that Mohd Riaz Attari and Ghaus Mohammad were hurt by the insult of Prophet Muhammad. If the answer is yes, then will the terrorist attack on Parliament in 2001 also be considered right? Will the 26/11 attack in Mumbai also be considered justified? These are all the questions that the people of the country are asking today. 

In today’s DNA, Zee News’ Rohit Ranjan analysed the Supreme Court’s observations during the hearing on Nupur Sharma case. This debate has started after the Supreme Court’s observation that Nupur Sharma was responsible for the Udaipur incident. Nupur Sharma, in a petition in the Supreme Court, had demanded that all the FIRs registered against her across the country should be transferred to one place in Delhi.

She said that she is constantly being threatened with death and rape. In such a situation, it is not possible for her to cooperate in the police investigation by going to different states, and she wants all these FIRs to be transferred to Delhi. But the Supreme Court rejected this demand of Nupur Sharma. During the hearing of this case, the Supreme Court also said some such things, which are now being debated in the country:

1. The court said that Nupur Sharma has provoked the sentiments of the people by commenting on Prophet Mohammad. 

2. The court also said that Nupur Sharma is responsible for the tense situation prevailing in the country at this time. And the only reason for the unfortunate incident that happened in Udaipur is her statement.

3. The court also asked Nupur Sharma to apologize to the entire country.

4. The court said that Nupur Sharma should have publicly apologized for her statement by coming on TV, but she didn’t. And her apology was also just a formality

5. The court is annoyed that Nupur Sharma tendered a conditional apology.


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