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The Episode starts with Gagan asking Chintu where is your friend. Chintu asks him not to worry, he will come, they won’t leave Harsh. He calls his friend. His friend gets into an argument with Pallavi on the way. She scolds him. She sees Harsh’s pic on the guy’s phone and asks do you know him. The guy thinks she knows him. She asks him to listen. Ishaan gets the spices box. He goes. Badal is busy cooking. He sees Harsh at the door. Manna asks Ishaan to drink, it’s a solution to forget all the problems. He asks did you come to support your dad. She says no, he hired his son. Bua says its time to taste some new dishes. Nick says thanks for coming from all the different parts of the world, just for me, lets begin. Lalita says if they don’t like the food, then it will be bad, our respect and status will be gone.

Shanky sees the food ruined. He scolds Badal. Manna comes. Badal says I have seen Harsh outside, everything was perfect some time back. Manna says you are blaming my brother. Shanky says stop fighting, we have to serve main course in 40mins, think how to fix this. Manna and Ishaan go. Shanky asks Badal to sort it. Pallavi calls Harsh. He doesn’t answer. Gagan and his friends catch Harsh. Gagan scolds Harsh and beats him. Nick is with the critics. He asks Nandita to call Shanky. Nandita recalls spoiling the food. She thinks Nick, you have no clue, what’s coming. She goes to see Badal. Pallavi comes there and holds Badal. She says main course is ready and sweetdish also. Nandini gets angry. The critics like the food. Nick sees Pallavi and introduces Pallavi as the head chef, assisted by Badal. He asks Pallavi to meet everyone. Nandita looks on. Pallavi says I hope you liked the food. The lady says we thought we will get American food here, but there is Indian softness and taste, just like, made with love. Nick says thanks. The critics praise the food. Nick sees Pallavi. Badal says a big hand for Pallavi. Everyone claps. Pallavi says an international chef had to come here to get me recognition. Nick thinks you always spoil the happiness. She thinks every joy here have to pass through my sorrow. Nick says you have come at last. She says I had come here to handle your reputation, its not a joke, someone tried to ruin my son’s hardwork, who did this. He says I will find out. She says you didn’t help Badal, you left him to handle this alone, don’t involve my son in this, how can you do this. He says don’t blame me for this. She asks why, you find ways to hurt me. He says I gave a chance to Badal. She says you wanted to break his confidence and courage. He asks do you think so. She says yes. He says fine, tell me, what will you do now.

She says you won’t involve my son, he isn’t your son, he is just my son. Nick asks will I hurt him, you have poison filled in your mind, forget it, Badal will continue here, I m doing this for you. Ajeeb dastaan…plays… Nick says I can’t the kids helpless. She says I don’t want your charity. He says they are my kids too. Barkha and Manna come and ask them to save Harsh, Gagan is beating him. Gagan beats Harsh on his leg. Harsh shouts. Pallavi calls out Harsh and runs to him. She asks Gagan to leave Harsh. She gets pushed away. Nick holds her. They see their sons fighting.

Pallavi says I won’t tolerate anything wrong with my son. She goes to Manna to help her. Nick looks for Pallavi. Ishaan and Badal break the door, and see Manna lying unconscious.

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