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Wives tend to steal the groom’s things after marriage. Sometimes the wife of the house steals money from the husband’s money parts, some save that money, some buy favorite things. But, Bollywood’s Alia steals something else. He doesn’t need money, so no money. He likes something else entirely.

This star couple got married on April 14 this year. After marriage, give good news, which is called maternity announcement. Alia is going to be a mother. The tide of happiness is in the Kapoor and Bhatt families.

After the wedding, the honeymoon did not happen, the baby has just arrived. So babymoon Saraben couple. It is heard that Ranbir and Alia are going to tour after the release of ‘Shamshera’. But, after going for a tour, Alia is still doing a photoshoot with Chutiye. Also, Alia announced the first movie of her own production company on social media. Alia’s ‘Darlings’ will be released on August 5. It can be seen on Netflix. However, the trailer has already been released. In the story, Alia Bhatt wants to teach her husband the right lesson. How to teach will be understood on August 5.

Meanwhile, Alia is stealing her husband’s very important things. What did you think of the food? Because he will want to eat pregnant. No sir Alia is currently doing a photo shoot in full swing. And promoting his film. Recently, Alia stole her husband’s blazer and wore it for a photo shoot. Wow, the actress is very happy in that blazer. Married because murder will be reduced?

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