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Scene 1
Rajiv says love you Jaan Pari hears it. She drops the vase, and Rajiv gets scared. He says has Pari heard? Pari says who was he saying love you too? I have to ask him. Rajiv comes out. He says in his heart she loves me so much and she’s so caring and listens to everything but I only love Neeti. I only feel love for Neeti. What should I do:? He comes out. Pari says am I not a good wife? He says why? She says sometimes I feel like you are not happy with me. He says you are thinking wrong. She says I heard you saying. Rajiv says I love you jaan. That’s what I was trying to say since I came back. We can’t go together. Pari says you want to take someone else? Rajiv says Naman called. His fiance thinks he has an affair going on. Pari says what has that go to do with I love you. Rajiv says I was trying to cheer him up. I have to be there for him. See it was Naman, who called me. He changed Neeti’s number to Naman. He says I have to go there to him. I will get late. Don’t wait for me. Pari is confused. She says in her heart he proves me wrong every time. Who is right who is wrong? Rajiv leaves.

Scene 2
Natasha calls Pari and says are you coming? Pari says my husband has something to do. Natasha says why don’t you come alone? Please come there for me. Natasha welcomes Rajiv and Neeti. Pari is on call. Natasha says you have to come. I am alive because of you. Please come. Pari says okay I am coming. Rajiv and Neeti go inside. Neeti says the decoration is so good. Rajiv says Naman is NRI. She says I wish we can also celebrate like that. Naman welcomes them. He meets Neeti. He says Sanju has been a flirt since college. He had many affairs. Neeti says I am one and only Mrs. Mehra now. He won’t have any girls now. Rajiv hugs Naman and says shut up. Natasha meets them. Neeti says you look so pretty. Natasha says you look very pretty too. Who did your makeup? Neeti says I did it myself I am an air hostess so very used to it. She says to Rajiv you’re lucky you don’t have to spend on the salon. Naman says tyes they waste thousands in salons. Natasha’s dad comes and jokes with them. Naman introduces Sanju and Neeti to them.

Natasha’s mom tries to handle her saree. She says how do I handle this saree.. She falls. Pari holds her. She picks the gifts for her and says please sit. Your foot hurts. The woman says I haven’t worn sarees in so long. I don’t know how women wear it here. Pari asks whose side are you from? She says I am Natasha’s mom. Pari says oh Natasha invited me. We just met today, she selected this saree for me. She tells her about the accident. Her mom says you saved my daughter and then me. Thank you. Your husband must be so lucky, you’re such a good girl. They go inside. Pari says it looks so good. Pari looks at Natasha. She’s talking to Rajiv and Neeti but their backs are against Pari.

Pari goes towards Natasha.. Lights turn off. Natasha’s dad comes. He says my heroin is there. He says Seema you look bomb. He says this night is for the couple made in the heavens. That couple is me and Seema. Natasha says dad it’s us. He says no one is more important than a wife. Life without a wife is not possible. Pari says uncle loves you a lot. Rajiv says he’s so loving. Neeti he’s joking on his wife. Rajiv says have fun, please. He says it’s my daughter Natasha’s sangeet. She will be married in 2 days. He starts the performance with Seema. He says we were so different. I was studying in London and she was a simple girl from a village. I was not sure why had I married her. I was friends with white girls. I came back and saw Seema waited for me every day. No one is like that. She studied to be with me. Pari says in heart I wish Rajiv loved me like this too.

Episode ends

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