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Sasural Simar Ka 2 30th July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vivaan telling Simar that he feels that Reema has left him and went. Simar says it is not like that, we shall check at the gate. Badimaa talks with Gajendra about the business. Ishita asks Chitra what does Badimaa think of herself. Chitra asks her to think what Reyansh said, and says you have to think something big for her. Ishita says everyone has some weakness. Aditi comes there eating achaar from the bottle. Gagan says I tried to make her understand, but she didn’t understand so I brought her here. Sandhya calls Aditi. Aditi gives achaar bottle in Gagan’s hand and touches her feet. She then takes the achaar bottle. Gagan says it is not good for health. He asks Badimaa to say. Badimaa asks Sandhya to handle her daughter and asks Gagan to handle his wife. Sandhya tells Aditi that she will ask Simar to make something for her. Sandhya says she has gone outside, once she come, I will ask her to make something. Ishita tells Chitra that she found the weakness. Chitra says no, she is pregnant. Ishita says nothing will happen to them, just drama will happen.

Simar, Vivaan and Aarav try to go inside, but refused entry without ticket. Simar acts as if Aarav is sweating and asks him. She winks her eye. Aarav understands and winks his eye to sign Vivaan. Vivaan also acts. Aarav acts to faint. Simar says nothing will happen to him. The airport Police what happened to him. Vivaan says panic attack and asks them to bring newspaper. Simar asks security guy to call the doctor. She goes inside. Vivaan says he will bring doctor and goes inside the airport. Rudra tells Reema that she will be in Mumbai in sometime. Reema says she has to pay a price for the dreams. Rudra says when dreams fulfills, then we get the lost thing.

Simar and Vivaan come inside. Vivaan thanks Simar for whatever she has done for him. He says I can understand how you have felt pain to say those words for Aarav. Simar says its ok, we have to search Reema di. They both begin searching Reema. Rudra sees Simar and makes Reema turn to him before Simar or Reema could see each other. He asks her to come this way. Simar turns towards them, but doesn’t see them. She asks someone, who tells that the flight is take off. Simar says Di can’t do this and says where did you go. She prays to Mata Rani and asks her to make her see di, and stop her from making a mistake. Reema collides with someone and scolds the girl for spoiling her dress. Rudra says it is a mistake and says its ok. Simar hears her and turns to her. She shouts Di. Rudra asks Reema not to look back. Simar says di, stop. Rudra asks Reema not to show her back to her dreams, whoever calls you, don’t turn. He holds her hand and is taking her with him.

Simar asks Reema to stop and listen to her. She comes running and holds Reema’s hand. She says don’t go di. Reema looks at her. Simar asks what are you doing di, a big decision this way. She says you know how much dewar ji loves you? She says he will be shattered and broken, you can’t leave him like this. Reema says my future is waiting for me in Mumbai, here life is stagnant. She asks her to let her live and let her go. Rudra asks her to come and says this time is not to think, and to do. He asks her to come. Simar hugs Reema and says I can’t let you do mistake again. She says at the marriage time, and then with Devesh. She says Dewar ji was standing with you as your backbone and used to ignore your mistakes with his laugh. She says you can’t do this with him, as he can’t bear this time. She says your mistake will prove costly for you, and asks her to understand. She says I couldn’t stop you last time, but I will not let you do it again. She says Dewar ji already gave you a second chance and can’t give you again. Reema says what about my dreams. Simar says he will be broken and can’t bear this. Reema recalls his words that he is scared to lose her. Simar asks her to value the gift of Mata Rani and says everyone don’t get husband like you, he couldn’t bear if anyone say wrong about you, keeps you above him, etc. She asks her not to lose him for the thing which she don’t have. She says you can’t achieve anything sacrificing relations, and asks her to remember that beauty, fame and fans are not permanent in life, and says if something is important then it is our family. Vivaan sees Reema. Reema and Simar also see him and wipe their tears.

Vivaan happily comes running to Reema. He says thank god, you are here, I thought you left me and went, I almost died. He hugs her. He asks if you was leaving me, don’t do this please. He says your Vivaan is zero without you, my everything starts with you and ends with you, I can’t live without you and will die. Reema keeps hand on his mouth. Vivaan kisses on her forehead. He sees Rudra and asks what are you doing here with Rudra. Simar says you are over reacting and says Di have come here to see off Rudra. Vivaan says how without the ticket. Simar says rudra is travelling with chartered flight, so his visitors can come to see him off without ticket. Vivaan says I was scared and my heart rate, pulse and BP increased. He says you have to make coffee for me, and outside Aarav has to act of anxiety attack for you. He asks Simar and Reema to go out and says he will see Aarav bhai. Simar asks Reema to come. Rudra says you are doing a mistake. Reema goes from there. Simar says my Di was about to take wrong decision, but due to Mata Rani, she took the right decision. Rudra says Simar. Simar asks how dare you, you tried to misled her and tried to take her away from here. She says you are a cheap guy, you got the success, but didn’t get the class. She says remember this, Reema from her sister Simar, and Reema Oswal from Oswal family, do try to separate her from us. Today you are saved, but will not next time. Rudra looks on.

Precap: Ishita asks Simar to say and says she will make. Chitra says today is your first rasoi. Ishita says Simar will be blamed now. Karan and Pallavi comes there and sits to have food. Ishita shouts no. Simar asks what happened?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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