Janhvi Kapoor’s dress flew in the air in front of the media, blushing actress -Hdmoviefreedownload

The name Janhvi Kapoor is not unknown to the present generation. She is known as Sridevi’s daughter since childhood. It goes without saying that Janhvi Kapoor and her sister Khushi Kapoor have grown up as celeb kids in the family of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi. Currently, Janhvi Kapoor is one of the most popular young actresses in the Bollywood industry. He is often discussed in Btown. He can be seen practicing for some reason. The actress caught the paparazzi on camera. Recently, he practiced again in the paparajit’s doula.

As a current actress, Janhvi Kapoor is quite active on her social media page. He often shares multiple pictures and videos of himself on the internet. The number of his fans is not less. If you keep your eyes on Janhvi Kapoor’s social media page, you will get that glimpse. Her fans have also created multiple fan pages on social media, from where multiple pictures or videos of the actress are often shared. Recently, a new video of the actress has surfaced through social media under the influence of paparazzi.

The video of Sridevi’s daughter that has gone viral recently shows the actress leaving her house to get into a car. Naturally, several paparazzi gathered in front of his house. As soon as she left the house, the paparazzi started taking pictures and videos, which the actress did not like that day. Despite asking him to stand, he walked straight towards the car. As it was time to go to the car, the dress of the actress flew, which did not escape the attention of the paparazzi. On this day, the actress was seen wearing a black and white printed deep neck cotton short dress. In this incident, Janhvi was ashamed for a while. After that he did not stand there for long, got into the car and went straight out. That scene was also caught on camera. If you watch the whole video, you will see everything.

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