VIRAL: This elderly gentleman’s dance moves with RC Upadhyay, act like this on stage -Hdmoviefreedownload

Currently, Harianvi dancers are often going viral on social media due to their dance videos. One of them is Swapna Chowdhury, whose dance video has gone viral on the internet. And the viewers of Netdunya are also waiting to see all those videos. But recently, not Swapna Chowdhury, but RC Upadhyay’s great dance video has come out, which has made the eyes of the Haryanvi viewers go wild.

RC Upadhyay is one of the foremost Harianvi dance artists at the moment. He is often seen exercising on social media. Since then, her dance videos have gone viral. Recently, an old video of his dance from a YouTube channel named ‘Hansram Gurjar’ has surfaced in the light of re-practice. In this video, RC Upadhyay is seen dancing on stage to the tune of a popular Dhamakedar Harianvi song ‘Dhai Liter Dudh’. He shook the stage to the rhythm of this song. She was seen wearing a light blue salwar kameez. This old gentleman danced with RC on stage. The audience also rained money on the stage. All those glimpses will be seen by everyone after watching the entire video. Recently, he practiced based on that video.

Note that this dance video of RC Upadhyay was shared from the mentioned YouTube channel 4 years ago. Currently it has reached around 3 lakh people. The audience was also very excited to see her dance, it is clear from the video. Even after 4 years, this video of RC Upadhyay has recently become a topic of discussion among his fans and a section of the net world. Bahujan has also praised, if you keep your eyes on the comment box, you will get a glimpse of it. Based on this video, he is currently in the spotlight. Here is the video, check it out.

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