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Scene 1
Mai asks why should I answer you all? Mohini says you are not well Mai, don’t take the stress. She says the juice you made me gave me strength and I will answer them. Mai says I forgot I have my people here and a society that will be there to help me. Where were you all when my house was attacked? You all stood with the person who provoked you. My DIL is my daughter. If you wanna meet her with love I will welcome you all but if you can’t do that you’re not welcome here. Go from here. They march towards the house. Harphoul and Santoh shout. Harphoul says if you touch my Mai I will break your legs. Mai asks Harphoul to go inside. Santoh takes Harphoul inside. Mohini says why do they hate me? The old man says to Mai you have to answer. Mai says why should I answer? Mohini says we can be stronger together. We have to unite as a team to defeat Balwant. Santoh says she’s right.

The men ask Mohini to answer us. Mohini holds Mai’s hand. Harphoul and Santoh hold her hand too. Mai says we decide on our house not under any pressure. A woman picks sand and says don’t fight with the land you live on. She sprays the sand toward her. Mohini covers her face with her pallu. She says this is your first mistake. The old woman says you have insulted the elders of the village. If any DIL comes to the village whose caste isn’t known we don’t let her live here. Mai says we are not scared. We have faith in God. Balwant calls the woman. He says you are all useless. You couldn’t even scare them. Balwant cleans his face from Divyani’s saree. Rajinder sees it. Balwant says to turn on the camera. Rajinder connects his phone to the TV. The woman video calls him. The old woman asks Mai to tell Mohini’s family and caste them or they won’t let them live there.

Mai says you all never considered me family. I didn’t forgive how none of you were there when my husband’s dead body came here. No one came forward. The old man says don’t bring the past. Mohini says I will no one come that day. Only Raju did. Raju picks trash from the village. No one feeds him but he came to help me. I fed him every day after that day. I tied rakhi on his hand every day. Do you know his caste? I never asked him because he was a great human. He was the only human in this village. The girl says these big words won’t change the fact. Someone claps. It’s the transgender. She says this is my Mai. None of you considered me family but Mai did. Her sons respect me. I am with Mai in all her fights. Balwant sees her. Harphoul hugs her. She says the girl you call Madrasan and an outsider calls me her sister. Mai fed me when I was dying of hunger. Harphol’s friend says Mai raised me like her child. She gave me home and food as an orphan. None of you did. She is our God and you can’t insult her. Abhi says Mai sold her silver bangles when my dad wasn’t paying my admission fees for MA. She educated me. Harphoul’s friends stand in front of her. The transgender says you can’t question Mai. The old man says she has no worth to answer us back.

Harphoul says don’t you dare.. Mohini says who are you deciding her worth? How can you decide who deserves what? Just based on her gender? She is a human like us. You have no worth in front of God too. Balwant tries to see Mohini’s face. He says I have never seen Mohini’s face. He sees her eyes and his shake falls on his face. The old man says this Madrasan speaks like scissors. He says Mohini you and your DIL have insulted the elders of the village, for we boycott you all from today. You won’t get water from the lake ever. And no one will grain to you. Harphoul’s friend says I have a shop too and I will see how my family doesn’t get food. He says your shop will be shut down. Balwant says this Mohini has given them hope that my brother Harbeer had. You know Banwari what I did then. Mohini says if any of you tries to hurt my family I will take you all to the police. The old man says she’s threatening us of police? They all boycott her place. Mai says we don’t need any of you. We can live here peacefully without you all. They leave. Mai sees Harbeer there. She says Harbeer’s family isn’t scared of anyone. They all stand with Mai. Balwant sees Mohini’s face. He falls back.

Episode ends

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