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Mumbai’s heavy monsoons still wash away the white stone plaque of the Rahmatabad cemetery. Mayanagari moves in its own rhythm. An isolated incident that Bollywood has almost forgotten. But even if you try to forget it, it cannot be forgotten. Why is the last moment of Tragedy Queen’s life so tragic? Why is Meena Kumari’s death still shrouded in mystery?

If alive today would be 88 years old. Maybe Wahida Rahman (Wahida Rehman) used to go on holiday. He used to write Urdu Shayari in his own way. A lot of potential was lost forever at just thirty-eight years old. Did life really teach Meena Kumari to live? Or did he die and live? Mahajbeen Banu was lost behind the glittering stardom. Ali Bux, a daughter of a Sunni Muslim family, Mehezbin’s father, came to Bombay from Pakistan to join Parsi theatre. It is not known whether his first wife died or left him. But Prabhabati Devi, the daughter of Jorasanko Thakurbari, fell in love with Ali Bux. Prabhavati’s mother Hemsundari was Rabindranath Tagore’s cousin. Widowed at a young age, Hemsundari moved to Meerut with her only daughter. Hemsundari worked as a nurse in Meerut. She became a Christian and married journalist Pyare Lal Shakir Meeruti. Prabhati, who was very brave since childhood, married Ali Bux, who was much older than her. Iqbal Begum adopted the Muslim religion and took the name Iqbal Begum.

An orthodox Sunni Muslim, Ali wanted a son. But for the first time there was a girl child. The name is Khurshid (Khursheed). Ali said nothing. Ali thought that when Iqbal Begum became pregnant for the second time, this time a son would come to protect her lineage. But by pouring water on his hope, Mehezbin was born. Ali and Iqbal tried for the third time. Mahlika was born. But Ali’s anger fell on Mehezbin. Ali was not willing to be the father of his daughter. Ali left Mehezbin at the door of the orphanage soon after birth. But suddenly, after a while, he went and brought the baby girl. Mehezbin was admitted to school at the age of four. Both Ali and Iqbal understood that this girl would be beautiful in time. Greed was born. Both of them used the daughter as a means of earning money. School has been dismissed. A four-year-old child is forced, pushed and sent to act in a movie. Mehezbin wanted to cry, but couldn’t. This is how Vijay Bhatt caught his eye. It was he who gave the first chance to the little Mehezbeen in the film ‘Leatherface’. 1939 saw the release of ‘Leatherface’. Since then, the family’s ghani has started. Iqbal Begum and Ali were not trying to make money. Mehazbin had to take over the household from the age of four. To his parents he was the duck that laid the golden egg. One film after another. Mehezbin was working tiredly. In 1940, Vijay gave Mehezbeen the new identity ‘Baby Meena’. The name was first used in the title card of the film ‘Ek Hi Bhul’. Lost childhood, lost mehezbin.

The year 1946 came slowly. ‘Bachchon Ka Khel’ was released in British India. Beautiful heroine Meenakumari made her debut. After acting in one film after another, the 1952 film ‘Baiju Baora’ made Meena a star. Meena did not have to look back after that. On the way to becoming a star, Meena brought tears to her eyes by acting in a few films. A section of the audience dubbed her the ‘Tragedy Queen’. Iqbal passed away by then. The audience probably didn’t know that their favorite heroine was really a ‘Tragedy Queen’.

‘Pakija’ was suggested at that time. Meena wanted some rest. He wanted to get married and start a family. Kamal Amrohi talked to him at that time. Meena fell in love with older and married Kamal. Meena married Kamal on 14 February 1952. At that time, the news of Meena’s marriage was kept secret, but later, Ali ordered Meena to divorce after learning about it. For the first time in her life, Meena disobeyed her father’s orders. However, he did not leave his father’s house. But Ali did not want his daughter’s family. He was afraid that money would stop coming. As a result, Meena left home and started living with Kamal. Kamal’s first-born children loved Meena. They loved her like a mother. Meena also loved them like her own children. But Meena is the ‘Tragic Queen’. So there was a crash.

Meena came out of Kamal’s house. That day he did not say a word about the separation. But later it is known that Kamal initially supported Meena’s career but later refused to allow his wife to act. He even physically abused Meena. Meena left her husband’s house and went to her sister Mahlika’s house. Chronic insomnia on the other hand made Meena an alcoholic. Meena used to drink a small peg of brandy on the doctor’s advice. As a result, he did not have to take sleeping pills. But after her breakup with Kamal in 1964, Meena turned to alcohol. In 1968 he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Meena returned to acting after recovering from treatment abroad. At that time, for the first time in his life, he bought a flat in his name on Carter Road in Bandra. He ended his refugee status by visiting his father’s house, husband’s house, sister’s house. By now he had his own house from which no one had the right to evict him. But Meena was very weak physically. Earning money for the family from childhood, father’s torture in early life and husband’s torture later made him mentally depressed. Meanwhile, ‘Pakija’ made history. Meena probably lived for this period. At that time Kamal came back to him again.

On March 28, 1972, Meena was admitted to St. Elizabeth’s Nursing Home in critical condition. He went into a coma. Liver cirrhosis came back again. A few days before she was admitted to the nursing home, Meena told her husband Kamal that she would not live much longer. He told Kamal where his grave would be given and what would be written on the plaque.

Meena passed away on March 31. Nargis wrote “Moat mubarak ho”. Meena was buried. It is written on the plaque, there are many breaks in life, but he did not leave with any regret in his heart. Meena was a perfect actress. Mehezbin’s tears saved him even after death. He lost the patriarchy with a few words on the tombstone. Men tried to break him again and again. But he didn’t break. As a result, Meena left without apologizing. After repeatedly losing, Tragedy Queen found victory in the cold embrace of death.

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