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Actress Vidya Balan is a very popular face in the acting world. From Parineeta to Tumhari Sulu, on the other hand from Bhool Bholaiya to The Dirty Picture, Vidya Balan’s performances are in full swing. Sometimes she is playing the role of a math teacher and sometimes she is making a rocket. Sometimes she is seen as Manjulika and sometimes she is Silk. Elaborating each character through acting skills is like a game of his or her hand. However, apart from acting, his personality is absolutely amazing. Equally interesting is his sense of humor. He also enjoys engaging in conversation with those who question him and giving a good answer to their questions. This time we saw a small sign of it in Karan Johar’s reality show Koffee with Karan, one of the biggest producers of Bollywood.

A few days ago, one of the most popular actors of Bollywood, Ranbir Singh, did his nude photo shoot. Several pictures from this photoshoot went viral on social media and spread like wildfire on everyone’s social media wall. Many actresses left their comments about this photo shoot. But the funniest comment was made by actress Vidya Balan. He said, he has no problem with such photo shoots. Rather, those who don’t want to see this photoshoot should close their eyes, as I do. These bold comments of actress Vidya Balan always grab everyone’s attention in the Bollywood world. And again we saw glimpses of some such comments on the Koffee with Karan show. A few days ago, actress Vidya Balan went as a contestant on Karan Johar’s very popular reality show. There Karan asked several questions about his personal life and bedroom secrets. And actress Vidya Balan won everyone’s heart by giving great answers to all those questions.

Karan Johar asked her on the occasion, what kind of light she prefers in her bedroom, very strong light or very dark room Vidya Balan prefers, or she prefers medium light room? Vidya Balan answered that question, she prefers medium brightness in her bedroom.

On the other hand, does he prefer to keep candles or light music in his bedroom? In response to that question, Vidya said that she likes both. Also, there is a question about the bed sheet of Vidya Balan’s room. In response to that question, he said that he likes cotton bed sheets very much and uses that type more.

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