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Scene 1
Rawinder makes his men do ups and downs. His servant cries please let my son go. His man says your son was provoking the farmers to sell crops to government stores. They drown his son. The servant cries. Rawinder kicks him. He says don’t try to mess with us. Your son speaks more than his worth. He says get lost from here. They all run. Rawinder gets a call from Rajveer. He gets to know Rajveer is in the lockup.

Biji asks Bindu why is she not focused. Neeru says people are asking me all kinds of questions, they’re taunting me. We’re defamed everywhere. This neighbor was saying he’s a goon but at least he’s rich, get Ajooni married. Biji says we know our truth we don’t care about their words. Neeru cries. Bindu says but engagement is broken and Avinash’s family hasn’t called once. Biji says we have never done wrong to anyone. Neeru says to Ajooni if you told us earlier this won’t have happened. We are paying for your mistake. Ajooni cries.

Scene 2
Rajveer says to Manjeet take a selfie with you will get very famous. He says I will take it once you spend this entire night in the jail. Rawinder’s man comes and asks who is Manjeet Singh Cheema here. Manjeet says it’s me. Rawinder comes in. He says you’ve set up an example of bravery by locking up Rajveer Singh Bagga. I wanna congratulate you. He will know the air of the jail now. He says I went to so many jails and so did my elder sons. It’s our legacy. I had a very good experience but what you have done this is a very bad experience.

Ajooni recalls what Rajveer did. Subhash comes. He says I know what happened wasn’t right. But don’t cry. Ajooni says I am sorry, I didn’t want to stress you all out. I didn’t do it on purpose. He says I know everything and I trust you. Ajooni says I don’t even know him. Why is he after my life? He says don’t worry. She says I have given you all so much stress. It’s not easy. He says don’t worry I will handle your mom. You will face many things in life, you’ve to be strong. Your dad is always with you.

Rawinder says you must have studied to get this job. Now you have a job and respect. You gave bad respect to my son. You gave him the degree of goons. I thank you. Now let my son go before this time sand falls. Open the lock and let him out. Manjeet says who are you even? Rawinder’s PA says the owner of this area. Bagga calls DSP. He says your man Manjeet Singh Cheema locked my son. The DSP says Manjeet are you crazy? Let Rajveer go. Manjeet says but.. He says that’s my order. DSP says sorry to Bagga. Rawinider says it’s okay. Manjeet lets Rajveer go. Rajveer hugs Rawinder and says you’ve kept our legacy alive. He says let’s go. Rajveer looks at Manjeet and smiles. Manjeet says my eyes will be on you. Rajveer says don’t worry. I will invite you to my wedding for security.

Scene 3
Ajooni thinks about everything, she cries and says I have to be strong. Meher comes and says don’t cry. Ajooni says it’s not my fault. I don’t even know who this Rajveer is. She says I know di it’s not your fault. I trust you. I know you would never do anything wrong. Ajooni says there’s nothing between me and Rajveer.

Episode ends

Precap-Rajveer sends Ajooni wedding. card. Ajooni tears it and throws it in his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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