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The Episode starts with Nick leaving. Nandita says I m sorry. Lawyer calls and says call Pallavi and tell her that Vikrant Rastogi will fight her case, now Nikhil is gone, I will break his pride. Pallavi and Ranveer come to meet Rastogi. She asks how did he get ready to fight my case. Ranveer says maybe he changed his mind, because you are right. Rastogi meets them. He asks the servant to get snacks and tea for the guests. He says I want to support your truth, I wasn’t comfortable with Nikhil, he is a single man, he has much money, but he can’t buy the kids, I m also a parent, I will not let you lose your kids, I have seen you raising the kids well. Pallavi thanks him.

He asks Pallavi does Nikhil drink. She says I don’t know. He asks Ranveer about it. Ranveer says yes, we had drinks in the café, after the closing time. Pallavi asks why are you asking this. Rastogi says everything is connected, does your son work in the café by his wish. She says Nick hired Badal. Lawyer says it means Nick got your son on his side. She says yes, he knew Badal wanted to become a chef, when Badal came under pressure, I didn’t stay quiet. She tells the incident. Lawyer asks did anyone spoil the food. Pallavi recalls Nandita.

She says I don’t know, the food got spoiled that day, Nikhil was expecting Badal to make everything fresh in a short time, Badal was tensed, he fixed it, there was no problem, why all this. Rastogi says its for our knowledge, what’s Badal’s age. She says 17 years, Nick and I were husband and wife, he is the father of my kids, I want my kids, I don’t want to defame Nick. Ranveer says Pallavi and I are marrying to make the case strong. Pallavi says lawyer told us that case can be weak for a single mother. Rastogi says it’s a good advice. She asks is marriage necessary. Rastogi says of course, Ranveer is a good and clean man, congrats, we can prove that you are married and stable financially. She says don’t accuse Nick. He says don’t worry, you will get the kids custody. They thank him for the good work. Rastogi says I support the truth, I will defeat Nick. They leave. Rastogi says Nick will know his big loss. He asks his assistant to edit the voice recording well. Nick comes to the café. He hugs Manna and Badal. They order the coffee. Nick says whatever happened between Pallavi and me, this won’t affect our relation. Badal smiles and says caramel coffee for me. Nick sends Shambu. He says I m depending on you, this should be the best food mela, you have to handle it well. Badal says yes, Papa. Manna says I was waiting to see this side of him, when I m getting this finally… Badal says he is a nice person, mum is also nice, but they don’t get along well. She says we can find out what happened, you remember how they reacted to Sonali. Badal says we will find out. She says this mission should be just between us. Badal agrees. She says I have a family now, I will do anything to make it a family. He says we will do.

Nandita comes to Nick and asks him to read the article. He is shocked to read the news. She says Pallavi did this. He asks what. She says child labor is a crime, what does Pallavi want from us. Nick says my license can get cancelled. He goes out and sees Pallavi coming. He asks what did you do, I couldn’t imagine. He sees Rastogi coming with Ranveer. Rastogi says I m fighting Pallavi’s case, Pallavi and Ranveer are going to get married, I don’t lose any case. Nick says yes, you just fight to win, you stay away from ethics and humanity, I will do what I want, I will see you in the court. He goes. Ranveer says I need to talk. Rastogi says I have much work. Nick goes to Pallavi. She says food mela plan is ready. He taunts her. She says I will do anything to get my kids custody. He says so, you did so much, what did you do, I lost trust on you. She asks what did I do. He says I didn’t imagine you will fall to this level. She asks what did I do. He goes. Nandita shows the article and says you did this.

Pallavi worries for Nick’s career. Reporters question Nick.

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