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Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 2nd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ritesh going to his room. Indu goes behind him and gives him pendrive. He watches Vivek and Indu interrogating waiter Rajesh. Sunita waits for Indu to come home. Anjali comes there and asks her to make tea. Sunita says you will get tea when guests come. She asks Anjali not to let Zoon come outside, and fulfill her responsibility well. She calls Indu and thinks why her phone is not connecting. Door bell rings. Sunita thinks if Indu came or the groom’s family. Rajendra opens the door and finds the groom’s family on the door. He greets them. Sunita gets worried and thinks where is Indu?

Ritesh comes out with Kaamna and Indu and asks Rahul to play the video. He says everyone wants to know the truth. Rahul plays the video, in which Vivek asks the waiter to say the truth. Indu asks him if his family will feel good if he goes to jail. She promises him that if he tells the truth then Police will not be strict with him. Rajesh says someone gave him money and asked to mix drugs in the drink and I have recorded the video. Indu asks who had given the money and says if you tell the truth then I assure that Police will not be harsh on you. Everyone continues to watch the video.

Sunita asks the groom and his family to have sweets. The lady says we had enough, if your daughter was busy then you would have informed us. Sunita asks Asha to call Indu.

Everyone watch the video. Indu asks who had given you money. Rajesh takes Shivangi’s name. Shivangi is shocked. Rajesh says she had some fight with him and that’s why she did this. Shivangi is shocked. Indu gets Asha’s message and goes from there. Vivaan asks Sameer what is it? Sameer says this is my Plan B, I gave him double money to take her name. Shivangi says I didn’t do anything, Ritesh, this man is trapping me. Ritesh gets angry. Kaamna asks him not to do anything and says Pankaj ji has called Police. Pankaj asks everyone to leave them alone, and says Police will come. Ritesh asks Politician to stop and says I had told you, that I will beat you naked. He tears his clothes and beats him. He says I don’t misbehave with anyone, and don’t leave the persons misbehaving with my family. The reporter asks why did Shivangi do this with Ritesh Malhotra.

Indu returns home and sees Sunita angry. She says sorry Moj, at Ritesh’s house…Sunita scolds her and asks why did you agree if you don’t want to come on time. She says why did you waste everyone’s time. Indu says sorry. Sunita says it is not mistake for you, and says I am your life’s villain who is going to get married forcibly. She says you got a good chance to get me humiliated. Indu asks what are you saying? Sunita asks if I am mad, I am your mother and wants your betterment. She says your brother went and in few years, Anjali will get married too. She says we haven’t drank amrit to live forever. She says life will look like a mountain to you. Asha hears them and cries. Sunita says who will accept you with a girl. She asks why didn’t you come? Indu says I had gone for Zoon…Sunita says I am fed up of Zoon, and says I am your Devika and yashoda both, choose me before her, give me importance before her. She goes. Indu cries and says listen to me. Asha says once Moj gets calm down, she will be fine. Indu says she tried to come on time, but got late in conference. Anjali tells Indu that she has done a good job, says Ritesh is proved innocent in the media. Indu asks about Zoon. Anjali says she is sleeping. Asha asks what are you thinking? Indu says she needs to talk to Zoon.

Later she feeds food to Zoon and tells that everyone believed that Ritesh is innocent. Zoon says my Moj is best and claps. Indu says best is my phuggi and wants her to be best always. She asks her to focus on studies, health, games and have good food. Zoon says she will be superfast after meeting Papa, and says genie Ritesh promised her. Indu says Ritesh is an actor and works in films, and doesn’t have time. She says we all love you so much, then also you need Papa. She says until Papa comes, you shall focus on other things. She says you will focus on studies and health and shall not talk about Ritesh and shall not watch his films. Zoon asks why? Indu says I will not let you watch film. Zoon says if Anjali Maasi, Bob ji and others talk about Ritesh. Indu says I will make them understand and if they talk to you about him, then you shall refuse to talk on this topic. She makes her promise and says I love you. She kisses on her cheeks. Zoon wipes her cheeks. Indu says you are upset with me, and tickles her to make her laugh. She hugs her and thinks I don’t want your heart to break, as Ritesh can’t do anything for you.

Rahul comes there and tells that Police has arrested Shivangi. Ritesh says I can’t believe that she can do such a thing. Rahul says that’s why I don’t believe girls and says they are betrayal. Ritesh says if one girl trapped, then other girl saved me and we are drinking because of her. Kaamna comes and asks if she was the reporter who took his interview in the party. Ritesh says yes, but she was not reporter, as she was nervous. Rahul asks why you was entertaining her then? Ritesh says there was something about her and asks him to find out details about her. He says infact call her here and I want to thank her personally. He asks Kaamna what she says. Kaamna says yes. Ritesh tells Rahul that they shall gift her something. Kaamna thinks the girl is clever to enter the party without being the journalist. She thinks to meet her.

Precap: Ritesh calls Indu and asks her if she can come to his house, as his entire family wants to thank her personally. He says please. Indu says ok. Later Indu comes to Ritesh’s house and is surrounded by the reporters. Sameer says why that girl has become james bond. Kaamna thanks Indu for whatever she has done for Ritesh. She introduces Indu to the reporters and says Ritesh is gifting her for her bravery. Ritesh gives her a box and says here is the gift for you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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