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Scene 1
Balwant sees Mohini’s face. Mai thinks about what Balwant said and how her husband died, and she faints. Mohini holds her. Shradha cries and says so much injustice is happening with Phoolmati bhabhi. How do I help her? Shalini says how do I help Balwant. Mai panics and says Mohini.. Harphoul says don’t worry about her. I am with her. Mohini says it’s all happening because of me. I didn’t want this to happen. Mai says you saved us. Harphoul says it’s not easy to fight with these people. Mohini says I will fight for amma. They all hold Mai’s hand.

Divyani does Balwant’s massage. Shradha comes. She says you called me? he says to get things prepared we have a celebration tomorrow. You know what it is. Mai says it’s my husband’s death anniversary tomorrow. Harphoul says we will donate food for him this year too. Mai says there’s no field on our land. Will they even give us grain? Harphoul says don’t worry about it. Balwant says my brother’s death will be celebrated tomorrow. Make 56 dishes don’t step out of the kitchen. Divyani says to start preparing. She says let me massage your back Balwant. He says those people shouldn’t get anything for Harbeer’s anniversary. I want to see them cry. Mohini should never forget this day. Balwant says my real player is inside that house.

Scene 2
Shalini massages Santoh’s legs. He says what happened? She says I care about you. He says to get my medicine.. it’s finished. She says I will remind Harphoul. She says you do all the calculations of this house but Harphoul rules it. You’re the elder son of this house. Don’t listen to Haprhoul always. Don’t stand with that Madrasan. Think about us. What will we do if everyone boycotts us? You know what Balwant can do.

People make a cross outside their house. Mohini tries to clean it. Harphoul goes to buy food. He sees women washing the steps they’re wallking from. Harphoul’s friend says they’re all Balwant’s puppets. The shopkeepers aren’t ready to give them food. Shalini says what will we eat now? Mohini says how can they even do that? Santoh says pandit ji isn’t coming to this house. Shalini says this had to happen. So there will be no food today. Mai says thank God you left this village. You left it before you could see the reality of this village’s people. She cries and says no one deserved you in this village.e Mohini says don’t take the stress. Haprhoul will bring something. No one gives Haprhoul anything. Harphoul kicks his cart. Harphoul’s friend reads that his family will be boycotted. Harphoul says we will cook the potatoes we have. Mohini says we will celebrate Harbeer Bapu’s anniversary. We will give water if we don’t have anything. Shalini says I can’t go to fetch water. My foot is sprained. Mohini says it’s okay I will go. Mai says she doesn’t even know. Shalini says she will learn today. Mohini realizes she’s pretending. Mohini says I know some problem is waiting for me at the lake. Shalini is trying to sent me there.

Episode ends

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