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Rishab along with all the guests are enjoying the party when the lights suddenly start to flicker, they all wonder what might be causing this meanwhile Arjun is standing on the main door, he thinks that the storm has already arrived and it just a matter of while when the flood also follows, today is a really special day for both Rishab and Preeta but he is going to make sure to ruin their life.

Arjun is walking when he gets the spotlight, he with a smile exclaims he never asked for it but might as well use it so wishes Rishab a happy wedding Anniversary. The entire Luthra family is excited to see him, he greets everyone one by one before finally hugging Rakhi, she exclaims that she was just waiting for him and asks why did he not bring anyone else, Arjun replies because girls usually take time to get dressed so he came here early, Mahesh leaves when he is informed that Sharma jee has arrived, Kritika explains she is going to send refreshment for him while her friends are waiting for her.

Arjun standing in the hall starts recalling the beautiful moments that he spent in this house, how Preeta would run away from him when he started teasing her, and how he used to roam in the house playing cricket. Arjun starts walking recalling all the moments spent with Preeta, he stops at the door leading to the terrace recalling the time when he was on the other side with Preeta. Arjun keeps on walking constantly thinking about his beautiful past, he walks past the room where he sees Preeta getting dressed up and how she covers herself, he sees that she is wearing the bangles so he enters the room behind Preeta, she doesnot notice him coming but is stunned seeing him standing behind her, Preeta turns in awe questioning what is he doing here. Arjun turns her before pulling the sarree exclaiming this style looks better on her while the other one did not suite her, Preeta recalls the time when Karan also did the same to her, exclaiming this is how she looks really pretty and he made her, she turned in anger but he exclaimed she must turn towards the mirror, they both would quarrel over which style suited her. Preeta pushing him away questions why did he dare touch her, Arjun apologized.

Shristhi and Kritika both are arguing, she requests Shristhi to be serious for a moment when Kritika explains that she has realized Shristhi is not at all suitable for her brother Sameer, Shristhi replies that she knows they both are hiding something as she feels Sameer has an affair with someone in the office, Kritika explains it was just a joke on her but she started blaming Sameer because of it which she cannot bear as it is ruining their relationship, Shristhi starts arguing with Kritika, Karina notices them both from the party so walking questions what are they both doing as there is a party going on, karina explains she knows Shristhi doesnot have any class but what about Kritika, she warns Shristhi of severe consequences if anything happens in the party since it is the wedding anniversary of her son, Shristhi asks why does she not ask her daughter what she ahs done. Karina starts scolding her when Rishab comes to take her aside, she replies she knows he cannot hear anything against Shristhi, Rishab informs that he always considers her as his own mother so they should not spoil the mood, Karina calls Shristhi a girl when he informs it doesnot seem nice because she is their family. Karina assures that since today is his day then he can ask for anything. Rishab requests a hug so she agrees, he warns them both to not fight again. Kritika assures that she would not fight with Shristhi anymore, she also agrees to it.

Arjun turns to walk away, Preeta stops him asking if anyone did not teach him any manners or does he want others to come and say that his parents did not teach him anything, she forcefully turns him towards her. Arjun asks if she belongs to any wild family as her nails are hurting him, she explains that this is her room which he accepts, she questions how does he know it. Arjun mentions she was getting ready here so they generally do it in their own room. Preeta asks if anyone has told him that it doesnot feel nice talking, he replies that someone has actually said to it and it is Preeta. He with a smile asks how can she act and talk like this like a bitter cord. Preeta recalls that Karan used to call her by this name, she in frustration questions how did he dare call her as only those who are close or mean a lot, what does he think of himself since he first came to her room and even then, misbehaved for which he did not apologize. Arjun replies that he just corrected the dress which did not seem nice at all, she asks who gave him the right. He says he doesnot apologize to anyone, Preeta thinks about Karan and how he was just like him, she demands that he apologize when Rishab also enters through the room questioning what is Arjun doing here, he asks if Rishab forgot that he invited him to this party. Rishab replies that he never invited him to the room. Arjun explains he got lost so came here. Rishab turning to Preeta explains she is looking really beautiful; he even applies the black tikka mentioning how Rakhi maa does this but since she is not here so he is doing it. Arjun is not able to bear it so asks for water, meanwhile Rishab requests Preeta to give her hand as they must go to the party. Arjun in anger breaks the glass.

Preeta stops asking Rishab what has happened, he says that she might have felt weird seeing Arjun in the room but he feels she is fine, Preeta replies he himself said that she seems fine, she realizes that she forgot her phone in the room. Sameer comes asking Rishab if he has seen Arjun since the media wants to talk with him. Rishab asks Preeta to also call Arjun as he is still in the room.

Arjun is cleaning the wounds on his hand, Preeta notices him so in shock asks about them, Arjun assures that they are not that big and everything would be fine. She forces him to sit and starts applying the medicine, he screams blaming she did not it on purpose. Preeta thinks about how Karan also acted the same way thy both met the first time, she keeps on applying it while he just stares at her. Thinking about the beautiful memories which they had shared together, how she took care of him every time he got ill, Arjun is not able to take his eyes off Preeta.

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