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Swaran Ghar 2nd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swaran checking Bebe and says your fever got away, thank Lord, take rest. She prays. She gets a call. The lady says congrats, you are appointed at the travel agency as the receptionist. Swaran gets happy and thinks to call Ajit. Ajit comes home. She recalls his words. He says I realized my mistake, I m sorry. Swaran says I m also sorry, forget it, it’s a good day, I got a job. He asks really. Bebe gets up and asks who got a job. Ajit says Swaran got a job. Bebe says you came again, you fought and went yesterday. Ajit says yes. Bebe says you will never leave us. He says you don’t look fine. Swaran says she had high fever, I went to the dispensary and got the medicines, my phone was dead, I couldn’t charge it, she is fine. She asks Bebe to bless her, she got a job. Bebe blesses her and asks did you get a good job. Swaran says yes, receptionist job in a travel agency, I have to go today, I will visit the Gurudwara once, I wish I meet Aarav there. Bebe says he will come. Arjun sees Swaran’s sketch. He recalls her and goes. Rajeshwari comes. She gets angry seeing Sapna’s sketch. She says you have hurt my brother so much, he is still thinking of you, I won’t let you come in his life. Arjun calls Mallika. He asks her to alert the city about the kidnappers’ gang. The kidnappers see Aarav, and think Vikram is his dad. They leave. Aarav says we will meet Swaran at the Gurudwara today. They leave in the car.

Swaran says I heard your voice on RJ Tanha’s show, your words encouraged me, don’t apologize now, you don’t leave me ever, even if we have a fight, you scold me, don’t leave me. He says I will never leave you. Arjun comes and collides with Ajit. Ajit says its okay, your kerchief. Arjun recalls Swaran. He ties the kerchief to his head. He prays. Swaran and Ajit sit talking. He takes her sandals. She says I m living without Kanwal, thanks for returning my friend to me. Arjun also sits to clean the shoes. Ajit says if we clean someone’s shoes, then their age gets longer. Arjun says my sister is my world. Ajit says clean your shoes also, your sister will also wish you to have a long life.

Swaran and Arjun pray at the Gurudwara. Mera yaar milaade…plays… They enter the Gurudwara. Satnaam…plays… Arjun sits there. Ajit and Swaran come there. They pray. Ajit prays to get courage to always support Swaran. Swaran thinks I can never lose, I have a friend like Ajit, thanks. Arjun prays to find Swaran. She moves the dupatta behind her ear. Arjun turns to see.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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