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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chavan family pampers pregnant Sai. Virat brings tamarind for her. Bhavani says today is her baby shower ceremony. Pakhi walks in and shouts at Sai what kind of a joke is it. Sai says she is acting as pregnant for her baby shower ritual and removes pillow from her tummy. Shivani hopes Sai was really pregnant. Virat says he hoped high when Sai showed pregnancy symptoms. Sai says those were false pregnancy symptoms which she is experiencing even now. Bhavani says even she had a positive hope, but then thought Sai is acting as pregnant seeing Virat’s attention towards Pakhi. Sonali backs her. Sonali discusses about false pregnancy symptoms in detail. Virat hopes she doesn’t get false labor pain as he heard a mother gets new life when she gives birth to a child. Ashwini describes how she felt during Virat’s birth. Pakhi gets jealous seeing Sai getting family’s attention and says she is pregnant though. Bhavani says they will get her ready like a bride, shower their love on her and perform her baby shower ceremony.

Virat gets Sai ready for the function and says though she is not pregnant, she is the mother of the baby. Kesariya Tera Ishq Hai plays in the background. He then gets romantic with her. Sai says she has to take care of 2 babies after baby’s arrival, one is mischievous baby Virat. Virat says even she is mischievous and says she will be a mother for sure. He lifts her and is about to kiss her when Ashwini walks in to call Sai. They both get nervous. Ashwini praises Sai’s look and says she is glowing like a pregnant mother. Sai says Virat got her ready. Virat nods yes.

Guests gather for the ceremony. Pakhi gets jealous seeing Sai ready for the ceremony. Sai tells Pakhi that she is looking very pretty. Karishma says Sai is looking more pretty as if its her baby shower ceremony. Sai mimics Karishma and everyone laughs. Bhavani asks Ashwini why did she get Sai ready. Ashwini says Virat got her ready. Virat says technically is becoming a mother. Sonali asks if there wouble be baby shower ceremony of 2 mothers. Sai says only Pakhi’s and asks Pakhi to take a seat. Pakhi stands jealous

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