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Mere Sai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalavati about to slap Kamal. Sai walks in and says I gave her this confidence, and says do you want to know why I took him out. Kalavati says Sai I understand but you don’t know what issues I have. Sai says can I have some water. Sai goes get water for Sai. Sai walks out and asks Kalavati to not let water fall of her hand. Kalavati asks why. Sai says patience and faith. Kalavti unable to hold water in her hands. Sai says this is nature and this is what I want to show you, life can’t stop and life finds a way, you may hide things but ine day it will come out and you have to understand that God has thought about us and if life is given right direction it will flow or else it will be a problem.

Keshav walks to Kulkarni and says you always go down to worst, aren’t you ashamed of organising such dance. Kulkarni says how dare you qnd Rukmani talk to your son. Tejasvi says what is the problem, things happen in Bombay too and there is profit too. Keshav says even I will go and see these shows. Prahlad walks to them and sees Kalavati’s poster and says this is Kalavati Kaki right, I saw posters and whole village is talking about it and Baba you will take me there right. Kulkarni says to him this is not for kids, see monkey’s dance and ask Santa Banta to dance. Prahlad says I can see this anytime and everyone is talking about her and I want to see it. Tejasvi scolds him. Prahlad says you just keep scolding me and now I will see this dance and leaves.

Keshav says to Kulkarni, Sai always say if you dig a pit for others one day you will fall in it and this is what is happening to you. Kulkarni says this ks because you didn’t raise Prahlad right and leaves.
Rukamani says to Keshav, you are upset now and so it is better you take Prahlad to Sai, he will explain Prahlad in a better way.

Keshav talks to Sai about Prahlad’s incident. Sai walks to Prahlad and asks him why does he want to see dance. Prahlad says Sai you said art brings us closer to art then why is watching Kalavati Kaki’s dance bad. Sai says it isn’t. Kesha. says what are you saying. Sai says I am saying what I am listening too.

Kalavati practising, Kamal playing tabla. Udhav listens that and tries to peep in.
Sai says Prahlad come with me to watch Kalavati’s dance. Keshav says Sai I don’t want him to get involved in such things why. Sai says don’t worry, its important to show kids curosity the right path or else they get distracted from the path.

Piliya sees Udhav peeping in and asks who are you and what are you trying to do. Udhav pushes him and runs away. Piliya follows him. Sai sees that. Sai says Prahlad come with me, Sai knocks. Kalavati asks Kamal to hide in. Kalavati opens the door and sees Sai and Prahlad. Sai says won’t you invite me in. Kalavati says if someone sees what will they say, Sai says this is humanities biggest problem.

Prahlad and Sai walk in, Kalavati asks why are you here. Sai says he is Prahlad he wants to see your dance. Kalavati says you know everything Sai, how can a kid see my dance. Sai says why can’t he see the dance you were performing thinking of God. Kalavati says you are mistaken I never think of God. Sai says its never too late and why can’t anyone see your dance there is nothing wrong in it. Prahlad says yes Kaki and I will learn something new from you. Kamal walks out and greets Prahlad and introduces him to Kalavati. Sai says remember what I taught you Kalavati.

Kalavati says to Prahlad, Kamal told me how you took care of him, you are a good boy. Prahlad says why won’t you show me your dance. Kalavati says one day surely and will teach you too. Sai says the day you will perform that dance whole world will see that. Prahlad says Kaki can I take Kamal with me to Maruti Mandir. Kamal says Aai please let me go, I will take care of myself. Kalavati says okay but come back soon.

Sai says to Kalavati, you are understanding my point Kalavati, may God bless you. Kalavati says I am scared that people will find the truth.

Udhav hides from Piliyam Udhav scared that Piliya will go tell his Aai and Baba about the incident. Piliya looks around and leaves.

Sai says to Kalavati, fear ruins a person and every truth comes out one day and so its better to face your fears, the day you will get rid of this fear you will live a fulfilled life, always remember this Kalavati don’t let your fear ruin everything and leaves.

Pre cap:
Prahlad insists Kamal on participating in singing competition, Kamal pushes him. Prahlad gets angry and pushes him back and Kamal’s hair come out of turban and he runs away.

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