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Sasural Simar Ka 2 3rd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Simar that she has not selected anything for herself, but have selected for everyone. Simar says she has so much work. He asks her to wear his favorite dress and praises her beauty. She says she wants to be the queen of his heart. He says he has only one heart until when she will win. She says 7 births. He says just 7 births. He kisses on her hand and holds her. O Ranjhana plays…He is about to kiss her, when she shouts Oh no, and says I have forgotten to order garland and gajra. He says garland and gajra. She says she will go and order the florist. He says you didn’t answer, just 7 births, she says many births and goes.

Later she calls the florist and gives order of the garland etc. She comes to the window and sees Kavya standing outside the Oswal Mansion. Kavya calls Reyansh. Reyansh says she is troubling him and rejects the call. Kavya calls again. Reyansh picks the call and asks why are you harassing me. Kavya says she needs to talk to him. Reyansh says I asked you not to be in Agra, I don’t want to see your face. Ishita comes to the room and calls Reyansh. Reyansh ends the call. Kavya thinks how to talk to him. She sits in auto and goes. Simar comes there and asks auto to stop, she thinks if she was Kavya or someone else.

Ishita asks Reyansh who was on call. She asks if that girl was on call with whom Simar wanted you to marry. She checks his phone and says gym trainer. He asks if you are jealous and says he is just hers. Chitra comes there and says enough of romance, and asks her to earn the points to make place in this house. She takes her.

Simar and Reema see the bangles. Reema asks the seller to bring something else. Simar tells Badimaa that if they call buy all. Badimaa says ok and laughs. She gets nostalgic about her godh bharayi and says we wear toe rings for a healthy uterus. She says she had worn traditional saree with much bangles.

Chitra shows Badimaa’s pic to Ishita. Ishita laughs and tells Chitra that she is looking village type. Chitra says matter is how happy she is looking and tells that she has to win the points. Simar asks Badimaa if she was aware of these rituals before marriage. Badimaa says no and says she learnt this from elders. Sandhya says and taught us. Badimaa asks everyone to get ready, as they have to go to Aditi’s house. She asks Simar to buy extra red bangles. Vivaan asks the seller to get best bangles for his wife Reema. Simar shows the ring to Aarav and smiles. Vivaan asks Reema to come, as he wants to talk to her. Simar asks Aarav to tell, which bangles to select. He says every color suits you. Chitra asks Ishita to win Badima’s heart.

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