VIRAL: Pawan Singh became uncontrollable after seeing the beautiful Mona Lisa, video went viral on social media -Hdmoviefreedownload

The Bhojpuri song craze among the Indian audience is increasing almost every day. Along with Bollywood, Bhojpuri film industry is getting huge popularity these days. Song videos or dialogues of various Bhojpuri movies sometimes become superhits in the world of social media. Especially the trending list of YouTube shows songs or videos of various Bhojpuri movies. The Bhojpuri industry is making a resurgence in India. The acting skills of several stars have given the Bhojpuri industry a new boost.

Monalisa is a very popular actress in this Bhojpuri film industry for her gorgeous looks. His bold look drives most of the netizens crazy. Apart from Bhojpuri industry, he has also worked in Tollywood. In the afternoon Thakurpo web series, Monalisa’s beautiful appearance made the Bengali Thakurpo sleepless at night. Actress Monalisa’s real name is Antara Biswas. His funny expression has created a storm in the minds of many young people. The actress is hugely popular on social media. As soon as he posts the video, netizens flood it with likes and comments.

Recently, a Bhojpuri music video of actress Monalisa has gone viral on YouTube. In fact, most of the movies or songs of the Bhojpuri industry go viral on YouTube. If you see the number of likes and comments on a single video, your eyes will be dazzled. In this video, actress Monalisa dances romantically with Power star Pawan Singh. In the video, Pawan Singh is wearing a white ganji while Monalisa is wearing a red saree. It goes without saying that Mona Lisa looked incredibly beautiful. The song is titled, “Lagta Hai Phat Jai Choli.”

The manifesto in this video has been posted on the YouTube channel. The video has gone viral on the internet. You won’t believe that this video has already been viewed by more than 39 lakh 34 thousand people. Besides, most of the netizens praised the actress by commenting.

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