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Channa Mereya 5th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Darji tells Sam that you are Adi’s friend so you will stay here. He asks Sharja to show her a room. Sam thanks Darji and leaves. Adi and Armaan leave too.

Armaan asks Adi what’s wrong with Sam? Adi says I don’t know but she will live here.

Ginni tells Gulabo that I wish I had papa’s diary with me to cook new dishes. Gulabo says you will find a way. She tells her to go to Darji’s house and bring back their utensils. Ginni says those people are so disrespectful, I will go there in a bit. Ginni asks where is Goldie? Dimpy says he must be losing money somewhere else. Jagga comes there and says I am here to take back my loan. Ginni gives him the cheque and says 1.5 lacs will be given to you soon. Jagga says you people should be thankful that Ginni is part of your family, she follows on her promises and called me to collect my payment. He tells Ginni to stop sacrificing for her family. Ginni says it’s my duty. Jagga nods and leaves.

Amber tells Supreet that Adi knows the relationship with Chimas is important for us but he still brought his girlfriend here. Supreet says Adi said there are just friends. Amber says they didn’t look like friends only. Supreet says I will find out about this girl, just relax. Amber nods.

Sharja tells her husband that girl didn’t look like Adi’s friend only. We have to find out what’s going on between them. He says I have no interest in all this.

Sharja comes to the kitchen and sees Sam going to Adi’s room. She hides in his room and thinks they will question our relationship now. Sharja says they don’t look like friends only.

Ginni tells Gulabo that I will go and look for Goldie. Goldie comes back home, Ginni asks where was he? She brings water fro him. Gulabo asks where did he go? Goldie says I went to look for Simran, I feel like she is in the city but I can’t see her. Ginni says your heart is pure so she will come back to you. Goldie says yes, she will come back to me soon.

Scene 2
In the morning, Sam is preparing breakfast. Adi comes there and says what are you doing? You are not a daughter-in-law of this house. Sam says but I can become one, will you marry me? Adi says don’t ever say that again.

Ginni comes to Adi’s house and is taking her utensils, they are about to fall but Adi comes there and holds them for her. Ginni says I don’t need your help. Adi throws them and says I should never offer help to you, he leaves from there.

Supreet talks to Sam, Sam thinks I have to bring her on my side to marry Adi. She says Adi is lucky to have a mother like you. I wish you could become my mom too, I will try to fill the gap between you and Adi. Supreet says thank you, Armaan was telling you have some bad memories of this city? Sam says this city makes people get separated. Ginni enters the house but doesn’t see Sam there.

Darji is talking to Akash and asks him to let him eat sweets, Akash says you can’t eat this. Adi comes there and sees them talking. Darji says I can’t even eat sweets at this age. Adi smiles at them.

Sam gives a gift to Sharja. Sharja says thank you, this is so pretty. I saw you going to Adi’s room last night, I am modern so you don’t need to be shy with me. Let’s go to Adi, he is in the kitchen.

Adi is cooking a sweet dish in the kitchen. Armaan asks Adi what is going on in Sam’s mind? Armaan gets a call and leaves. Ginni is going to the kitchen. Adi is using nitrogen for cooking. Ginni comes there and sees smoke there, she thinks there is a fire breakout, she runs to save Adi but slips. They both fall down. Sam comes there and sees Ginni. She hides from her.

PR$ECAP – Adi and Sam are in a restaurant, she asks him to bring some lemonade for her. Ginni arrives there and meets Adi. Adi says why do I keep bumping into you? You are everywhere. Sam sees Ginni there and is shocked. She thinks Ginni can’t see me here. She tries to leave but bumps into Ginni.

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