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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 5th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Goldie scolding Armaan. He says you have cheated in love and friendship, at least talk face to face in enmity. Soumya calls Shilpi. Shilpi says you are free now, they found the kids, you didn’t do anything. Prisha says that’s good news, but who kidnapped the kids. Shilpi says Armaan did. Prisha asks what, how could he. Harsh says Jahaan will be fine. Soumya asks Jahaan to get well soon, Jashan is also here. The kids ask for Armaan. Soumya says he is on the way, we are here for you. Jashan says no, we want dad. Harsh says we have to call Armaan here, kids are in stress, medicines will work when they eat something, I can’t give higher dose to them, they have to get mentally stable.

Soumya asks Goldie to get Armaan for the kids. He asks how is it possible, he has done a sin, he is charged with many crimes, he can’t get the bail. She says I want him here for my kids. He says I will try my best. She says you have no option, I promised the kids that their dad will come to meet them. He says I will see what I can do. Soumya asks the kids to eat.

The kids refuse. Sushma says I know you will win their hearts soon. Soumya cheers up the kids and feeds them the food. She puts them to sleep. The family sees Armaan’s news on the tv channel. Sushma says I can’t believe, Armaan can fall so low. Harsh says its my mistake. Sushma says he can’t be my son. She asks Soumya to get Armaan punished, he doesn’t deserve to be a son and dad. Soumya says I want the kids to meet their dad.

Goldie comes and says I got Armaan’s bail by stating kids’ medical condition, Armaan is here. Armaan comes home. Sushma slaps him. She says don’t call me mom ever, you fell so low. He says no, I was forced to stoop, Soumya forced me. Soumya says shame on you, you are blaming me, the world knows about you now, I got the bail done for the sake of kids. He says I love my kids, they love me. She says oh really, you got them kidnapped. He says I was going to buy happiness for them with that money, I understand, you couldn’t win their love, I will never let them go to you. She says you think I will let them go to you, will they go to you after knowing this, you snatched all my savings and your parents’ everything, you are so selfish. Armaan says yes, I had to kidnap my kids because of you, I wanted to take them with me, my kids stayed away from their mum because you left them, I had an affair because of your attitude, I kept my ego aside and worked with you, you snatched three projects from me, I kidnapped them, but I got caught, I still won, because my kids are still with me, kids want me, they love me, not their mean mom. Kids hear his confession. They shout no…. we don’t love you. Armaan says I love you a lot. They call him a liar. Jashan says we heard everything, you locked us there. Jahaan says mean mom fought for us, she saved us, we will not stay with you, you are a mean dad, we will stay with our mummy, she is our real mom. Soumya hugs them and cries.

Armaan says listen to me. The kids ask him to go. Soumya says don’t talk badly like this to elders. She asks Armaan to see, you lost everything, you have nothing, a mum’s love won, you are alone because of your cheat. Sushma says I m snatching your rights, from now Soumya will stay as my daughter. Harsh says I also snatch my son’s rights, go Armaan, never come back. Soumya says I can’t stay here, else it will remind me of Armaan, I don’t want to keep my kids here, I want to raise them well, I promise, you will always be the kids’ Dada Dadi, I will get them and come to meet you, I want your blessings, I can’t stay here. Sushma and Harsh bless her and the kids. Soumya asks Soumya and Harsh to take care. She leaves with her kids. Armaan looks on.

The show ends on a good note.

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