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A boy and girl were having fun while romancing.

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They stopped doing it as suddenly the girl’s big brother came infront of them .

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Girl : Bhaiya woh

He came out from his bike and stared the boy .

” This is the last time I am warning you , if I find you again with my sister then I will forget every limits of decency.”

“Bhaiya it’s not his mistake. I only called him to came here . ”

” I will deal with you later. Come and sit in the bike . And you Mr. Road side Romeo don’t follow my sister . I will punch you literally if I find you again before my eyes. ”

“Excuse me, why are you threatening my brother ? ”

He turned back and finds a girl coming in stylish attitude

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” Who are you ? ”

” The same question I wants to ask you, who are you Mr. Long hair ? What do you want ? ”

“Oh!! So you are this road side romeo’s sister . ”

” Mind your language , Mr. Long hair . ”

Their brother and sister came forward to stop the argument.

” Guys, guys please can we just sit and talk for some time ? ”

Scene shifts to a restaurant

” I am Christopher , not Long hair . ”

“And I am Gayatri ,not Road side romeo’s sister . ”

They both introduced in this way . Meanwhile their little ones were wondering what was happening actually.


Gayatri : My brother Rudraksh loves your sister Agna a lot. So it’s better we should accept it.

Christopher : Why I need to accept it ? You don’t know what all things your brother had did to her ?

Gayatri : He is sweet and little bit funny too.

Christopher : Really !! Agna , Rudraksh what you guys say ?

Rudraksh : Didi actually thing is …..


A party was going in the college as part of Holi celebrations . Rudraksh and Agna were having fun in that one

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Rudraksh was staring Agna


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Agna : Why are you staring me like these ?

Rudraksh : You looks so hot in this transparent white laacha.

Agna : Really !! I think you have drunken bhaang a lot.

Rudraksh : Agna tell me which is your all time favourite romantic movie ?

Agna : It’s one and only cult classic- Titanic

Rudraksh ; Wow , I like that movie very much.

Agna ; Tell me what’s your favourite scene in that one ?

Rudraksh : When Jack made drawing of Rose , she was not wearing even a single piece of cloth . That scene was damn hot .

Agna’s face became redish in anger.

Agna : Chee!! You like that scene , I thought you will say the epic scene where both Jack and Rose standing together in the deck of ship helding each other’s arms .

Flash back ends 

Gayatri : I agree he is little naughty but after all he loves her . That’s what makes sense.

Christopher : Okay let’s forget it . But I need an assurance . Will you give it ?

Gayatri : About what ?

Christopher : Will my sister be happy if she comes to your family ?

Gayatri : Of course she will be treated like a princess.

Christopher : Be practical. What’s your caste ?

Gayatri : What ? Don’t you have any manners ? You are such a narrow minded person .

Christopher : Really!!! Then tell me where is your elder sister Lakshmi ?

Rudraksh : She committed suicide .

Christopher : Why ?

Agna : Bhaiya please don’t ask about it to them.

Christopher : Let me tell you Miss Gayatri what happened to your sister Lakshmi. Just because your elder sister loved a muslim guy your parents forcefully made her to marry with some one whom she didn’t wants to get married in dream too. What was her mistake ? She truely loved some one and when she was crying and telling every one in your family that she is not able to marry some one else none of you people listened her. At that time where was you ? Why you didn’t speak anything for her support if caste doesn’t matters to you ?

Gayatri : That time I was studying in 9th standard and I was little a bit fearing girl . So I didn’t had any guts to stand with my sister . Fact is that after getting forcefully married to a guy of our caste my sister committed suicide by writing a suicide note that She can’t live as a wife to someone by betraying her heart . That day only I realized the value of true love. I feel regret for not taking a stand for my sister. But I assure you it will never happen with your sister Agna. Rudraksh will definitely marry Agna .

Christopher : I trust you . I will also convince in my family for this proposal . Whatever issues come I will never leavr Rudraksh and Agna. It’s my promise.

Gayatri : Shall I ask you something ? That time you was bursting anger on my brother . What happened suddenly now ?

Christopher :  I like the people who talks truth. Your brother already said that he truely loves Agna and also narrated your sister’s tragedy to me earlier. But I was confused what to do ? I mean from your family if no one will accept her what will be my sister’s married life ? But seeing you coming for the sake of your brother and his love I got the true assurance that you will surely help them .

Gayatri : Thank you and I am happy that you poured me courage because while coming there I wasn’t aware of the outcomes. But now I am ready to face it.

They both looked and smiled. Agna and Rudraksh were also happy.

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After some long efforts both families accepted the love of Rudraksh and Agna. The families assembled together to fix the date of wedding.

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Danny : My daughter’s happiness is everything to me .

Treesa : Her love is true and we have no objection for this proposal

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Madhavan : I don’t want to make the mistake again by compelling my son to marry whom he doesn’t loves. Rudraksh will get his love.

Devayani : We can’t bear any sadness now. Agna is like our daughter . We are ready for this alliance.

Agna and Rudraksh hugged each other romantically after getting this happy news

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Meanwhile Christopher and Gayatri held each other’s hand and smiled

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Gayatri : Finally we did it.

Christopher : Yeah Gayatri. I am happy that they are uniting.

Danny : There is a small problem , We can’t make their wedding soon as you both are elder than them.

Madhavan ; You both should also get your life parnters. After that only we can make wedding of Rudraksh and Agna.

Treesa : I agree with this.

Devayani : Me also.

Agna : We will wait for it.

Rudraksh : Yeah we really want they should also find some one and could feel love just like the way we both fell in love.

After some days 

Christopher and Gayatri met again at the same restaurant.

Gayatri : Have you find some one Christopher ?

Christopher : Not yet . And you ?

Gayatri : No. What will we do now ?

Christopher ; If you don’t mind then can I tell you something. I am going to say truth of my heart.

Gayatri : Come on you can say anything to me . We are close with each other.

Christopher : Exactly , better than you my eyes didn’t find any girl for myself.

Gayatri : What ?

Christopher : That day when you spoke for my sister and your brother I realized how much you are loving and responsible towards the family. I saw that you really wants to bring a change and it was highly appreciable . The way you assured me made me to feel that you will take care of my sister like princess literally. Those who can take care off her sister in law with much love definitely she will be capable of loving her soulmate to the ultimate level. And within these days the way we both opened things made me to feel comfortable with you .

Gayatri ; It’s true Christopher that day I was also impressed by the way you highlighted the harsh reality and encouraged me to have courage. You know what first time I have met a guy with these much true attitude and your honesty just stoled my heart. But I was doubting what if you will give long lecture to me if I expressed my feelings to you and then my heart will be breaking and I would also opt the way just like my …

Christopher : Please don’t say it. I am sorry if I hurt you with the way I asked you what’s your caste ? But it was important for me to know the true feeling of yours towards my sister Agna. Please don’t think about it again.

Gayatri ; You know what you are simple and true natured person and that’s what I like in you.

Christopher : If I will say truth will you love me ?

Gayatri : Christopher !!

Christopher : I truely loves you a lot from heart, Gayatri . Will you marry me ?

Gayatri : I am also saying truth. I too love you Christopher. And I am ready for it.

They both hugged each other romantically

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Meanwhile Agna and Rudraksh watching them hiddenly said

“They both love each other and we know this truth now only, Hey naa ?”

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Rudraksh and Agna , Christopher and  Gayatri got married in both styles of their respective religions .

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