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Hi friends, for some FFs I will keep it to OS episodes, as I have lots of FFs that’s why. This is final and OS episode of Alone Vs Together. Hope you like it!

Recap: Veer returns from his trip

Episode starts

Veer’s home:

Kriti: Priya …. yeh kya ke rahi ho?? Prakriti to kal milne ayi thi?

Priya : Woh chachi I have to tell you the truth now

Veer: She means to say that Prakriti had business meetings so she was in Rome as well..

Kriti: O-ok?

Priya gets a video call from her best friends, Jiya, and Diksha. She goes to her room

Priya : Jiya… Diksha..?

Diksha: Priya , tum ne chachi ko kaha?

Parallel scene:

Living Room

Kriti: I’m going to make cold coffee for Priya .. Veer chahiye tumhe?

Veer: No Prakriti I’m fine.. thanks for asking jaan..

Kriti: Prakriti? (now murmuring) jaan..?

Veer: Sorry.. I meant Kriti.. woh-

Kriti leaves to make Priya’s cold coffee and then goes to Priya’s room

Priya’s room:

Priya : no diksha.. yaar this is-..

Jiya: But Priya … bata na padega.. you need to tell chachi that your chachu is cheating on her?

Kriti: Priya ..?

Priya : Chachi..?

Kriti calls everyone to Priya’s room and calls Prakriti as well.

Prakriti comes

Divya: Prakriti.. tumhari himmat bhi kaise hui aisa kuch karne ki?

Prakriti: Di! I -.. fine- I want revenge from Kriti .. that is why I did this!

Kriti: What??

Prakriti: she knew I liked Veer, still she married him.. and has a daughter… Mishti

Veer: Prakriti didn’t come for business meetings in Rome.. we married privately  and were there for-

Ansh: Honeymoon? Bhai how can you do this…!

Jahnvi: Rajveer.. how can you do this?

Manish: Priya ya fir Mishti ke saath.. – if anyone did that to our daughters..  kya karoge tum? Will you just say.. oh fine.. I did it.. you do it too..?

Veer: Mishti aur Priya ki baat alag hai!

Manish: Out of my house.!

Rajveer stands still

Manish: NOW!

Rajveer leaves

Scene Freezes

The next morning:

Divya/Ansh room:

Divya: An-

(Ansh pulls Divya closer)

Divya: Ansh… yeh kya kar rahe ho.. Priya aa jayegiii!

Ansh: At least Prakriti ki tara to nahi hai na.. nahi uska boyfriend hai ya-

Divya starts to cry

Ansh: Divya…?

Divya (crying) : I’m sorry…

Ansh: Kyu? Galti mujhse hui hai.. mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha.. I’m sorry..

DivyAnsh are still in their hug when Manish and Jahnvi come

Manish: Ansh..

Jahnvi: Divya..

They break their hug

Ansh: Mom.. papa..?

Jahnvi: Ansh… Manish ke saath bahar jao.. Divya ko dekh nahi sakte tum..

Ansh moves in front of Divya..

Ansh: Kyu Mom?

Jahnvi: Forget that for now… but we need to tell you something..

Kriti comes too

Kriti: Kya hua papa.. I mean.. –

Manish: You can call me papa

Jahnvi: Priya is not your daughter (looking at Divya and Ansh) and Mishti is not your daughter (looking at Kriti)

Manish and Jahnvi tell them everything (details revealed later on)

Jahnvi: So you are not married .. Ansh and Divya..

Manish: You were made to believe you were married and had a daughter so Rajveer could-

Ansh: So.. that’s why we can’t see each other?

Manish: Haan.. so Divya.. you will go to Kriti’s maika.. and stay there..

Scene Freezes

(Few days pass and functions take place and finish as well. The wedding date arrives)

Kriti’s maika:

Divya is getting ready

Divya: Thank you aunty.. for doing this..

Payal: Divya.. tumhare parents ne Prakriti aur Rajveer ka saath diya.. to ab-

Ashwin: We are your parents..

Divya: Maa.. papa.. Kriti di..

Kriti: We won’t miss you that much..

Ansh’s house:

Ansh is getting ready and is talking to his friend, Aman, on his phone.

Aman: Bhai tell me one thing.. why are you both remarrying?

Ansh tells him everything

Aman: okay.. so where is Priya .. where is Mishti?

Ansh: They turned to be siblings, they are with their biological parents..

Aman: Oh ok.. shaadi mein nahi ayege?

Priya and Mishti’s parents (Shivani and Vivaan) come.

Vivaan: Kyu nahi ayege?

Ansh: Priya hai.. you are here.. Mishti..?

Shivani: Woh Divya ke saath hai… we have decided it will be boys vs girls today… all ladies on Divya’s side.. and all-

Ansh: Men on my side.. nice plan.. so Shivani ji… Akshita.. bye!

Aman: Bye.. I will talk later.. 

Ansh: Bye..

As he cuts the call, Rajveer comes in..

Rajveer: Mujhe milne se pehle shaadi?

Ansh: Rajveer? why are you here.. go!

Rajveer: I came to say sorry… she left me already… I said sorry to Kriti and everyone.. they forgave me.. you do too?


Ansh: Forgive you? Never Rajveer.. but I will let you be part of wedding.. since you are my brother..

Rajveer: Thanks!

Ansh: It is girls vs boys.. ladies on Divya’s side and men on-

Rajveer: your side.. I’m sorry again… just forgive me

Kriti comes

Kriti: Kardo maaf ise… lekin-

Rajveer: Agli baar nahi..

Ansh: Fine.. kardiya maaf.. Veer bhai ko..

Rajveer: Kriti.. tum ladki wali ho.. to yahan kyu ho.. baraat ajayegi..

Kriti: I came to give you your wedding outfit.. we are also getting married..

scene Freezes

The next morning:

KritVeer and DivyAnsh have married

Living room:

Jahnvi: Finally.. we are a happy family now..

Manish: Haan.. we are glad you learnt your mistake Veer

Veer: She left me the moment she saw some guy named Aman.. and-

Ansh: you learnt your lesson..

Everyone smiles.

Scene Freezes

3 months later:

Jahnvi and Manish are playing with a 5 year old Akshay (Kriti and Veer’s son) and 3 year old Akshita (DivyAnsh’s daughter)

Ansh and Veer are at their Home Office, working on new jewelry designs. Divya and Kriti are helping them.

Ansh: Bhai… this is sent from an international artist.. but-

Veer: Deny karo.. we need wedding jewelry designs.. not what occasion this if for..

Scene Freezes

The End.

I hope you liked this FF!

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