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Naagin Season 6 6th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratha beginning the tandav at the Naag Mahal temple, while the snake men play the dhol. Om Namashivay plays…She splashes colors in air.The door is opened. Takshak comes out of the door. Naag Raja plays….Takshak comes near the temple and folds his hands before Mahadev. Pratha is on the ground and greets the Raja of the Naag, takshak. Mahek tells Urvashi that I am not Shesh Naagin, but she is Shesh Naagin. Urvashi asks who is Shesh Naagin then? Mahek says Kiara is Pratha. Urvashi asks her not to shout and switch off her loudspeaker else everyone might hear. Mahek becomes half Naagin and holds Urvashi with her tail. She says Pratha might have gone to Naag Mahal. Takshak tells that after 100 years Takshak comes to give a boon to the Shesh Naagin. He tells that I had met your Nani long back, and says she would have been alive as Naag and Naagins don’t get aged. Pratha says Seema had killed my Nani. He says no, and says it is a different story. Pratha tells she wants a boon and tells that her husband is not in this world now, and she is just having the white color left in her life, and says she wants her husband’s life back in her life. Takshak says you already have red color on your saree. Pratha says I want red color on my forehead and asks Takshak to return her husband to her. Takshak says I can’t give you and asks her to ask something else, and asks if you want to take revenge from your sister. Pratha says I will take revenge itself. He asks her to ask something else. Pratha says she just wants Rishabh. He says you will know later why I didn’t accept your boon. She starts walking out of the temple, while the Naags and Naagins urge her to do the puja.

Pratha comes to the haveli and packs her bag. Rajesh asks Pratha where is she going? Pratha says she can’t stay back and wants to go to Rishabh. He says I just need you 2-4 days. She asks him to convince his aunty and get the haveli named on his name, and then we will go our separate ways. I will take revenge from Mahek for separating me with my husband.

Urvashi asks Mahek if the family members had seen your avatar. Mahek says I will make Pratha come in her real avatar. Pratha calls Mahek and says she had thought to give the land to her. Mahek gets happy and asks where to meet? Pratha says we will meet at salt factory land. Urvashi says Kiara can’t be Pratha, else she wouldn’t have given us land. She says it is good that he died, and says we got advantage with his death. Mahek says if Pratha is clever, then I am very clever and will tell everyone that Pratha is a Naagin.

Mahek and Urvashi comes to Zang. Mahek says you will get land, but I need your help to expose Shesh Naagin. Zang asks what I shall do? Mahek says just as the deal finalized, you shall call yeti and asks him to attack her so that Shesh Naagin is exposed. Urvashi says there is danger. Mahek says I will expose her and will make her reach her end through Yeti.

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