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Kareena Kapoor is one actress in the Bollywood industry who is a starkid but still highly appreciated for her acting skills. He is so good at acting that today his name is spread all over the world. He is standing here today only because of his hard work. However, actress Kareena Kapoor rarely practices for her personal life. Basically she stays in practice for her married life. She is married to Saif Ali Khan, the father of two children. But it is known that she first wanted to marry actor Shahid Kapoor. Later due to some reason the relationship between them both broke up.

But now Kareena Kapoor is the mother of Saif Ali Khan’s two children. However, it is heard that the relationship between him and Saif Ali Khan is not in a good place. The reason is that Saif has kicked Kareena out of the house. Everyone is accusing Saif, how could he keep Kareena out of the house after becoming a mother of two children? Let us know more about this incident through this article.

A few days ago a special picture of Kareena Kapoor and her two sons went viral on social media where we can see that Kareena is quite worried and so are her sons. The folds of thought were evident on both of their faces. Along with that, there is a moment in the film where Saif Ali Khan seems to ask Kareena to leave the house with her sons. Maybe, he will get his sons back later but there is no chance of getting Kareena back.

Kareena Kapoor a mother of two children was thrown out

As soon as this picture spread on social media, many started blaming Saif Ali Khan. Many believe that he is a very selfish person and that he might marry another woman again. But this news is not true at all. A few days ago Kareena Kapoor was out somewhere with her son and that day she forgot to put on makeup. And at that time his face looked completely different from every day. Seeing very rough dry skin, many people thought that maybe there was some problem in Kareena Kapoor’s house and she left the house with her son in this condition. Later, Kareena Kapoor herself corrected this illusion.

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