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Mere Sai 10th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prahlad walks to Kalavati and says Kaki you were so good. Kulkarni scolds Keshav for bringing Prahlad. Keshav says Sai asked me and good Sai asked me to because today I learnt Kalavati isnt wrong but people like you are. Kalavati says my fear was my enemy and Sai helped me get over it and Piliya dancer Kalavati is dead now and artist Kalavati has born, I will never dance for you. Piliya says don’t forget the consequences. Kalavati says I have Sai’s blessings and nothing can stop me. Piliya tries to misbehave. Keshav pushes him away and says lets go Prahlad.

Kulkarni scolds Piliya and asks how did Kalavati go to Sai, you made me lose lot of money and cloth order and leaves. Piliya decides to take revenge and make Kamla bare the consequences

At Dawarka Mai, singing competition begins. Ragini performs. Prahlad waiting for Kamal. Prahlad asks Sai where is Kamal, he participated too. Sai says the right time has arrived Prahlad just have patience.

Piliya walks to Kalavti and shows her girls clothes. Kalavati walks inside and closes the door.
One by one kids perform. Srikant says very good now lets announce the winner. Sai says one kid is still remaining to perform. Malchapati asks who Sai. Kalavati walks in with Kamla. Everyone confused.

Kalavati and Kamla take Sai’s blessings. Sai says Srikant even she will sing in the competition. Srikant asks who is she. Prahlad asks and where is Kamal. Sai says all questions will be answered later, Kamla go sing and if you feel scared remember your mother’s confidence and strength that got her here with you….
( Kalavati opens door and walks out with Kamla, Piliya in shock. Kalavati says Piliya, I will tell turth infront of whole village, lets go Kamla. Piliya says you will regret. Kalavati leaves with Kamla)

Kamla goes on the stage and starts singing. Prahlad thinks this voice is Kamal’s. Piliya standing outside and listening. Everyone loves Kamla’s performance. Srikant asks Kamla her name and appreciates her. Sai says she is Kamla and walks to her and says she is Kamla, Kalavati’s daughter. Keshav says Kalavati has son Kamal. Prahlad says Kamal is Kamla, Prahlad says Sai I had seen Kamal’s long hair and this voice is Kamal’s. Kalavati walks to Kamla and says to everyone, I had few issues I had to dance but because if my work people will judge my daughter and so I use to hide her identity and then I met Baba and he told me I should get over my fear.
Sai says Kalavati fault was not yours but society’s and I call you my daughter and Kamla is daughter here too.
Baizmaa decides to announce Kamla as winner and says he voice had divine connection. Everyone applauds for Kamla.

Santa Banta catch Piliya and take away with him. Kids start looking for Kamla.

Santa Banta tie Piliya and perform his aarti. Kulkarni walks to them and shouts this not what I meant and whacks them. Piliya gets scared. Kulkarni starts slapping Piliya.
Balvant stops him and says slaps yourself because you lost again by Saiz you should have known this and should have stopped Kalavati from meeting Sai and is it like you love losing to Sai, Kulkarni stops Balvant and says I would have killed you. Balvant says you are good for nothing. Kulkarni says I know my work and how to tackle things and now Kalavati will dance infront of Comissioner and we will also win the contract.

Pre cap: Kulkarni and his men reach Kalavati’s house. Kulkarni asks his men to drag her out. Kalavati prays to Sai.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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