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Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yuvan walks in corridor thinking he should respect Banni after marriage. He gets afraid seeing his distorted image in a mirror and recalls his mother’s words that if he breaks his promise, his face will distort. He runs back to his room. Viraj and Charmi enjoy seeing his reaction standing at a distance. Banni performs pooja and seeing pooja kalash dirty decides to clean it. Devraj stops her and asks servant to clean it. Sulekha says she is waiting for Banni’s cooking ritual. Devraj says Banni came in their lives because of food and asks her to just use the laddle and let servants cook. Banni thinks Devraj is not letting her work at all.

Yuvan thinks his mamma is angry on him for marrying Banni. He notices his mother’s photo missing and panics more. Lights start flickering. Yuan breaks things in fear. Alpana comments that Banni trapped Devraj first with her butery talks. Veer says Banni can do anything for money and married mentally unstable Yuvan for his wealth. Banni gives them a befitting reply that Yuvan’s love is her pride and she doesn’t give an ear to anyone comments.

Manini praises Banni that her son got a life partner like Banni who really cares for him. She says marriage brings a lot of realities in life, she just saw only love and other part of marriage will start soon. She asks if Banni would always support and protect Yuvan at any cost. Banni agrees and says Yuvan’s immense love for her is her strength and prays good to provide her strength to follow her duties.

Yuvan walks down panicked and tells Devraj he doesn’t know what happened. Devraj takes him aside and asks him not to speak about the promise in front of Banni. Yuvan says his image was distorted in the mirror and mamma’s photo burnt after he broke his promise. Yuvan says he must have seen something wrong in his mobile. Banni thinks Yuvan looks distressed, she will ask Devraj the reason once she performs pooja. Yuvan pees in his pants out of fear. Viraj mocks him. Manini orders servants to clean Yuvan’s pee.
Servants hesitate.

Alpana says when Banni considers Yuvan as her pride, she should even clean his mess. Devraj asks why would Banni clean the mess. Charmi says when she is getting respect via Yuvan, she should even perform her duty. Banni walks to Yuvan smiling and takes cloth to clean the mess. Yuvan stops her. Banni says they are husband and wife and one, even he should share her duties with she falls sick. He agrees. She cleans him and the mess. Viraj comments that Banni is cleaning Yuvan’s dirty for money. Banni says she can see her husband’s fear and will clean it from the floor and even Yuvan’s life. Viraj and his team stand frowning. Devraj apologizes god that a new bride has to do all this.

Precap: Banni gets suspicious seeing Manini’s sudden change in behavior. Alpana stops Banni’s tiffin delivery. Banni gets upset seeing her tiffins undelivered. Manini thinks Banni’s much dikhayi ritual would be colorful today.

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