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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th September 2022 Written Update: Vidhi’s wedding cancelled

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th September 2022 Written Update: The episode starts with the Groom family appreciating Hariprasad for maintaining the temple well. Groom’s Father praised Vidhi for working in Raichand’s company and earning 15k monthly. Hariprasad shares with him that they can able to decide whether she should continue her job or not after marriage. He shares with Hariprasad that no one will stop the Goddes Lakshmi from entering the house.

Hariprasad adds that they can able to decide whether she can study further or not. Vidhi tells them that she will work for 6 months. Groom appreciates her. He asks her if doesn’t her company allow housing loans. Vidhi nods to them. Mini said let’s fix this alliance then? Meanwhile, Dev gets surprised to see Chithra’s family members there. Chithra hugged him. Amba greets Dev. Sathyavathi asks him to join dinner with them. She shares with him that Priya prepared this dinner for them. All credits go to Amba.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th September 2022 Written Update

China says to Sathyavathi let’s search sister in law in Online? Sathyavathi shares with her that she already find a girl for Dev. Chithra gets excited and asks her who is it. Sathyavathi assured her that she will inform her first. Priya thinks that she is aware Amba convinced her and offered this job to her to get Dev in her life. She doesn’t care about it. Her only intention is to work in the office.

Urmila returns home along with Golden. Urmila shares with her that she shouldn’t be allowed this alliance to get fixed. Vidhi got a job, free education, and this alliance. Everything happening in favor of her. But her daughter remains the same. Golden assured her to ruin this alliance. Urmila gets the groom’s family and introduced herself as aunty of Vidhi. Urmila tried to create a scene there.

Mini tells her that she wants to talk about something important to her. She takes her from there forcefully. They heard some sounds from the room. Bimla lied to them it’s a cat. Golden checked the room and gets surprised to meet Arjun there. She questions him about what’s he doing in Vidhi’s room. She mentioned him as her boyfriend. He clears with her that he is her colleague. She demands him to be her boyfriend or else she will ruin this alliance. He assured me to go out for a coffee date with her.

Groom shares with Hariprasad that he will conduct one test for Vidhi. It’s a psychological test. He demands Vidhi eat the banana. Bimla tells him that she doesn’t like babana. When they forced her she eat it. Groom called off the wedding reasoning she failed a psychological test.

He gives a weird reason for it. Hariprasad gives Prasad to them and sends them from there. Arjun appreciates Hariprasad’s attitude. Later he showed the video to his colleagues and made fun of the groom. Dev comes there and questions them about what is going on here.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 26th September 2022 Written Update

It’s not a college to make fun of like this. She shouldn’t gossip like this. Vidhi, apologize to him. Dev demands her to come to his cabin. He lashes out at her for not informing him about her alliance. He complained that he asked her to study further and gave important responsibilities to her. But she will leave after getting married.

Vidhi reveals to him that the wedding got canceled. He feels happy. He asks her to leave from there. He doubts why is he getting angry with her. Vidhi also doubts the same. She thinks that he may be in bad mood. Meanwhile, Arjun shares with Hariprasad what happened in the office. Hariprasad supports Dev there. Later, Arjun asks a few questions to Vidhi about love. She reminds Dev of each question. He asked her to give a perfect title for it. Vidhi mentioned Na Umra ki Seema Ho.

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