Pavitra Punia-Ejaz Khan got engaged secretly, the actress was seen flaunting the engagement ring

Pavitra Punia-Eijaz Khan Engagment: Popular couple of TV industry Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia have got engaged secretly. Pavitra had fueled these rumors by sharing a picture on social media, but now the news of the couple’s engagement is being confirmed in the media reports. Pavitra and Ejaz are dating each other for a long time. The love story of both of them started from the house of reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

Pavitra shared the photo on Instagram

Pavitra has shared a picture on her Instagram story, in which she is seen flaunting an engagement ring. Instagram story Pavitra wrote the caption- Is it really? The happiness on the face of the actress is enough to tell that this is her engagement ring. Seeing this picture of Pavitra, it is being said that she and Ejaz have secretly engaged. Both are also planning for marriage for a long time.

Close sources also confirmed the engagement

This picture of Pavitra created panic on social media. According to the report of Hindustan Times, a close aide of Pavitra has told the engagement of both of them as confirmed news. As per a close source, “Ejaz has surprised Pavitra, she had no idea that. All this happened on Monday evening, the couple is busy in wedding planning. He further added, “Despite posting the picture, Pavitra doesn’t want to talk about the engagement at all. She even told her team that she is not giving any comment regarding this.

Pavitra Punia Ejaz Khan got engaged secretly the actress was seen

Let us tell you that Pavitra and Ejaz have been living in a live-in relationship for a long time. Talking to ‘Times of India’ about her marriage, Pavitra had said in an interview, “Everyone always asks us about our marriage, but to be honest, we are married. When you’re with someone long enough, you stop seeing each other as boyfriend-girlfriend, but when we’ll officially declare ourselves husband and wife in a ceremony is in our hands. Not there.

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