Urfi Javed: Chest covered with wine glass! Urfi left the limits of nudity again

Sometimes naked, sometimes half-naked – Urfi Javed has become famous in his own way by appearing in public in revealing clothes. Even though he was always at the center of criticism and practice, Urfi did not do anything special. He lives with his fashion. So sometimes they cover the shame of their body with their own hands, sometimes with leaves of trees or mobile phones. This B-town beauty always likes to be open about her breasts. But this time, seeing what Urfi did, more or less everyone’s head turned. Urfi sat like this?

Recently, model Urfi Javed shared a video from his Instagram handle. And after seeing that video, there was an uproar among the fans. Because once again Urfi Javed stood in front of the camera almost naked. In the video, Urfi is seen sitting in front of a pink wall. His front hair is tied in a strange fashion. But the most uproar is that Urfi is not wearing anything on top. Her nipples are covered by two white wine glasses placed in front of the camera. Urfi is holding two glasses in his hand. Pink nail polish matching the back wall is clearly visible on her fingernails. Bold red lipstick on the lips. And the remix version of Lata Mungeshkar’s famous song- ‘Mere Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja’ is playing in the background of the video.

A flood of comments flowed on this video posted by Urfi. While some have praised Urfi’s fashion, others have sneered at the video. In the video’s comment box, one person wrote, ‘If anyone has the power, show Urfi in hijab’; Someone else said, ‘Just remove the front glasses, you want to be naked in front of everyone’; Someone else commented, ‘I don’t know when this girl will recover’. Some also made oblique comments on the video referring to Indian culture.

But Urfi does not care about these things. Because even before this, his various pictures and videos were widely discussed on social media. Many criticized him and asked him to leave the country. But why does Urfi stay like himself?

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