Asfi Javed: Just like the second Urfi in Mukhsree! Fans are overwhelmed by Asfi’s beauty district

Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed). One of the most discussed and criticized names on social media today. Profession modeling, but her passion is fashion. That’s why Urfi has increased the heartbeat of everyone by coming forward in the avatar of sometimes naked, sometimes half-naked. However, along with Didi, Asfi Javed’s name is going to appear in the list of popular models. Urfi’s younger sister Asfi. However, Asfi Javed has made a place in the minds of netizens not as Didi, but as herself.

In the Javed family, Irfu Javed has three daughters and one son. The second daughter is Urfi and the youngest daughter is Asfi. However, it is known that none of them live with the father. In an interview, Urfi Javed admitted that they were separated because of his father’s misbehavior. And from there maybe Urfi Asfid had a desire to live an independent life. Therefore, Urfi’s name has appeared in the list of the most popular models of the country. On the other hand, the glamorous Asfio is trying to build her identity as a model and blogger. Although not as many fans as Didi, Asfi Javed currently has millions of fans on Instagram. Asfi often shares pictures and videos. And her beauty and writing is gradually giving Asfiq popularity.

Asfi was born in Mumbai in 1997 as the youngest daughter of the Javed family. Asfi was the prettiest among all her siblings since childhood. So she had a dream of becoming a model from her school days. It is known that Asfi has also done several advertising and modeling jobs in his 25-year-old life. Asfi is no less than Didi in modeling. But not bold modeling like Urfi, Asfi is famous for her beauty. And that’s why Asfi’s popularity on Instagram is increasing day by day. Meanwhile, Asfi made a music video a couple of years ago. It is known that Asfi earns a thousand and fifty a month from modeling and advertising.

According to special sources, Asfi loves to eat and travel in his personal life. Like pizza is his favorite food. Similarly, Asfi is a fan of the natural beauty of Maldives. Shah Rukh Khan is also a fan of his favorite actor in Bollywood, Asfi Mahendra Singh Dhoni in cricket field.

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